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Wasserdicht PCB

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Waterproof - PCB process introduction

1. very low surface tension, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-sweat effect is good
2. Rust, corrosion, vulcanization
3. Adjustable insulation (<0.1um conduction, >0.1um insulation)

4. Nano-level ultra-thin film layer (0.05~1um), does not affect the appearance of coating products
5. Quick drying (1min room temperature curing film
6. Suitable for glass, metal, plastic and other substrates

7. The construction process is simple and easy to master, the product can be recoated repair
8. Safe, environmental protection, non-toxic

Waterproof - PCB process introduction
application fields of waterproof PCB

What are the application fields of waterproof PCB?

1. Unterhaltungselektronik
2. Intelligentes Zuhause
3. vehicle industrial control
4. Medical instruments
5. Safe information

What are the application fields of waterproof PCB?

1. Pass eu RoHS test
2. Pass REACH hazardous substance restriction test
3. Pass halogen-free HF test
4. Pass no VOC test
5. Do not contain PFOA
6. Do not contain PFOS

Conformal Coatings used are safe and environmentally friendly

Your Trusted Waterproof PCB Lieferanten 

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Venture is your responsible supplier of different types of PCB as well as Waterproof PCB. We produce only those effective and beneficial PCB especially Waterproof PCB. Waterproof PCB which is made up of high-quality and secure materials. This type of PCB is so useful and in demand because of its advantageous feature. 

Venture Waterproof PCBs are usually applicable on these high-tech times with upgraded devices. Waterproofing PCBs is  the way to admit circuits while it is underwater without producing any electronic defect or failure during and after operating. Waterproofing PCBs are not easy to do, but Venture assures you that we manufacture and do the coating applications by appropriately covering all areas for secure operating PCB.

Get your own Waterproof PCB in Venture, we offer specific sizes and applications with a low cost. We present  high-quality Waterproof PCB anytime, anywhere all over the world for a long period of time.

Your Leading Waterproof PCB Supplier in China

Venture has enough knowledge and know-how waterproofing PCBs, especially when it comes to the quality of the hitting water to its surface. Venture uses gaskets to enhance waterproof PCB-Designs. We also construct Waterproof PCB with cost-effective tools. We are generating high-tech Waterproof PCB for this technology-dominated society.

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Waterproof PCB of Venture can assure you that you can freely bring or put your cellphones, tablets and many other applicable devices with Waterproof PCB without worrying about dropping it at any wet areas. Waterproof PCBs of Venture are very  beneficial especially at this point of time that most of the people use gadgets with high and delicate circuits.

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By using our high-operating Waterproof PCB you can enjoy and be satisfied with more of your applicable devices because of its durability and lasting functions. We offer a lot of designs and sizes based on its applications for you to choose the perfect one for your own and even at your business. We make sure that our Waterproof PCB is always in a good operating feature, for it will not cause short circuits in electronics and may react lasting damage when it is exposed to the wet or flowing liquid surfaces.

Venture  is the best manufacturer  you can always trust especially when it comes to supplying high-quality PCBs like Waterproof PCB. We are conducting one-stop and best customer services for you will be comfortable and keep on touching us without hesitations. We are making sure we are sourcing the best quality Waterproof PCB.

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We assure you that you will not regret choosing Venture as your leading supplier of different kinds of PCB mainly Waterproof PCB for you and your improving business. You can connect with us by emailing for your inquiries about Waterproof PCB, and expect our approachable staff who are always there  to assist your stage to stage processing.

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Wasserdichte Leiterplatte: Der ultimative FAQ-Leitfaden


If you have any questions on waterproof PCB, you will find the answer right here.

This is because this guide covers everything about waterproof PCBs – take a look.

What Does Waterproof PCB Refer To?

This is a special PCB coated using a conformal waterproof coating which is a thin, elastic, and protective material that makes the PCB board waterproof.

water proof PCB

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Therefore, the functionality of waterproof PCB cannot be impeded by moisture or liquids.

This type of PCB tends to offer additional protection against dust and other impurities due to their IP rating of IP68.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Waterproof PCB?

Waterproof PCB accrues a lot of benefits due to the property/features it has.

  • Longer lifespan; this type of PCB tends to last for a longer time compared to another standard.

PCBs because of more quality standard checks and the conformal coating applied onto it {waterproofing}.

  • Excellent functionality; the conformal waterproof coating offers protection against dust, liquids, and other impurities.

Thus ensuring that the functionality of the product is not interfered with.

Waterproof PCBs have high transfer rates, thus they must have consistent functionality regardless of the weather conditions.

wasserdichte PCB

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Besides that, there are additional tests normally done on the waterproof PCBs to ensure they are of the right quality and functionality.

  • Has a more comprehensive range of use; waterproof PCB can be used in a variety of application areas.

For instance, portable applications such as smartphones or cellphone in harsh environments are some of the most common.

Waterproof PCBs are also well protected against excessive amounts of dust, water as well as corrosion, and oxidation hence making the PCB product to be highly durable.

What Are The Types Of Conformal Coatings To Use On PCB To Make It Waterproof?

Das Schutzbeschichtungen used on PCB are of two major categories i.e. the modern category of conformal coating and the traditional category of conformal coating.

Traditional protective coating, for the longest time possible, was used by the PCB designers to coat the PCB.

conformal coating on water proof PCB

Conformal coating on waterproof PCB

This type of conformal coating has both the advantages and disadvantages that the waterproof PCB designers noticed when applying the coating.


  • It is resistant to abrasion
  • Good wear
  • Cost-effective- very cheap to purchase.
  • Einfach verfügbar


  • Very heavy on printed circuit boards
  • Not environmentally friendly.
  • Difficult to rework since the coating is too hard to remove.

Under the modern category of conformal coating, we have; polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, perylene, silicone resin among others.

In this section, we will touch on the few advantages and disadvantages of each of these modern PCB coating.

Epoxy resin- used mostly in building and construction applications and create some of the hardest PCB coatings.

Besides that, it has high chemical resistance, abrasion, and humidity resistance.

However, once the curing process is over, the coating gets harder and becomes difficult to remove hence it is not easy to rework.

Polyurethane resin; is the best and one of the most commonly used PCB coatings in the PCB industry.

It has excellent chemical, abrasion, and moisture resistance and is mostly used in aerospace applications where exposure to fuel vapor is standard.

However, this type of PCB coating may sometimes be environmentally unfriendly and has a long complete cure time.

Parylene; chemical vapor deposition is the application process of this type of coating.

It has high dielectric strength, the best solvent at extreme temperatures, no need for curing time here, etc.

However, it has some disadvantages such as not being suitable for long-term outdoor exposure and also be challenging to get rid of.

Silicone resin; is among the most commonly used coatings on PCB boards especially on electronics meant to work in extreme temperature conditions.

Furthermore, this type of conformal coating offers excellent chemical resistance, good corrosion, and humidity resistance among other benefits.

However, removing the coating may be difficult.

Therefore, in choosing the best type of conformal PCB coating for your waterproof PCB, there are a number of factors you need to consider such as application areas, operating temperatures, etc.

What Are The Application Areas Of Waterproof PCB?

Waterproof PCB can be used in a wide variety of applications such as automotive industry PCB, medical device PCB, consumer electronic PCB, navigator product PCB, PCB for military products among others.

The application areas for waterproof PCB continue to grow in leaps and bounds and this is a result of the good property and features it has.

What Are Some Of The Methods That Can Be Used To Waterproof PCB?

There are a few methods that can be used to waterproof PCB and they include;

  • Bauwerksabdichtung
  • Eintopfen
  • Surface coating method[applying three-proof paint}
  • Dipping method
  • Brush method
  • Sprühmethode

Structural waterproofing- this method does not involve applying chemicals or any coating material instead it requires surrounding the PCB board in a waterproof casing.

It is the most commonly used and preferred method by most companies because it is a less invasive waterproofing method.

Besides, it is easy to implement and there is also a slight risk of damage to the PCB.

However, the method is expensive and it is not effective in situations heavy with moisture or under pressure.

Surface coating method- this method is ideal for those attempting to DIY waterproof their PCBs.

This method is less expensive and it involves applying a protective oil called three proof paint using a paintbrush to the PCB.

However, this method offerss the least adequate water protection and it is not environmentally friendly.

Potting- It involves drenching the PCB in a waterproof compound to add a protective layer to the PCB that protects it from dust, chemicals, and any other impurities.

Alternatively, this method may involve the PCB body being surrounded by a potting compound or encapsulation resin.

The difference between this method and structural waterproofing is that potting is more intrusive because you are adding a layer to the PCB.

Spray method- in this method, the waterproof coating is applied on the PCB by using the aerosol spray and it is the easiest method to use.

At the same time, this method may be time-consuming because all areas that do not require coating need to be masked.

Dipping method- involves dipping/submerging the PCB board in a waterproof coating solution and then withdrawing it.

How To Choose The Right Waterproof PCB?

In choosing waterproof PCB, there are a number of factors you need to put into consideration.

Some of the factors include; the application area, operating temperature, level of corrosion protection, degree of chemical resistance, performance and engineering characteristics, long shelf life, etc.

Resistance ability to chemicals- A good waterproof PCB should be able to offer resistance to chemical impurities, solvents.

In most cases, waterproof PCB coated using polyurethane material/coating tend to provide more chemical resistance.

Operating temperature- before choosing a waterproof PCB, the first thing that you need to consider is the operating temperature range.

The temperature ranges will help you in selecting the best waterproof PCB with good property and features that is favorable to the application requirements.

Performance and engineering characteristics- this factor is most essential when selecting conformal coating to use on your PCB.

Always ensure that the coating you intend to use is not capable of causing stress to the components especially on occasions of thermal extremes.

Level of corrosion protection- this factor determines the functionality of the waterproof PCB and how long the PCB can serve.

Different waterproof PCBs have different levels of corrosion resistance depending on the conformal coating used on the PCB.

Therefore, it is important to choose waterproof PCB coated by the best layer known for resisting corrosions.

In conclusion, it is these factors that will direct you in choosing the best waterproof PCB that will suit your application requirements.

Are Waterproof PCBs Normally Tested?

The only way to test for the effectiveness of the waterproof PCB is through subjecting the PCB to moisture, however, this method may be risky.

Therefore, there are three other methods that can be used to test for the effectiveness of the waterproof PCBs.

  • By using another compound; in this method, you test the application of the conformal coatings by applying the different mixes to them.

For example, you can either use a non-epoxy on an epoxy conformal coating and if the PCB was coated evenly, the mixture won’t stick to it.

  • Using automatic or manual inspection- an inspector can use an automated scanner or optical device or can manually verify the waterproof coating.
  • Through using an alcohol spray- most commonly used to test for the liquid conformal coatings.

In this method, an alcohol spray is applied to the coating and if droplets begin to form, then the waterproof PCB uses liquid-based conformal coating.

wasserdichte PCB

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What Is The Best PCB Waterproof Materials And Compounds?

There are a wide variety of common materials and compounds for waterproofing PCBs and they include;

Epoxy- In most cases, epoxy is used in potting but we can combine it with structural waterproofing.

Furthermore, it has high excellent adhesion, offer resistance to extreme weather condition,

has high-temperature repulsion, and is also compatible with a wide variety of substrate types.

Silicone- this material is soft, pliable, and has better extensibility compared to epoxy.

However, this material is not suitable for use under extreme temperature conditions.

Urethane- this is a potting compound with high abrasion resistance, highly flexible, extensible and is highly suitable for SMT-Platine potting.

Other waterproof PCB-Materialien and compounds include; acrylic, fluoropolymer, para-xylylene, etc.

What Is The IP Rating Of The Waterproof PCB?

IP is the short form of ingress protection and for a waterproof PCB is IP68 and IP69.

This is a kind of international standard that rates the waterproof PCB product on the basis of its protection against intrusion by water, chemicals, and other foreign particles.

The first number in IP rating shows protection against the solid particles and its highest value is 6.

While the second number/digit shows moisture/liquid protection i.e. water and has a range of 0 to 9.

So having 8 as the second digit, you can be sure that the PCB can resist extreme immersions and 9 indicates resistance against high-speed sprays.

How Are Waterproof PCBs Customized?

Ja, sind Sie.

Customization of waterproof PCBs is mostly done during the manufacturing process.

We manufacture waterproof PCBs of different sizes, shapes, different thicknesses of the waterproof coating.

We use different types of conformal coatings depending on application requirements etc.

However, once we apply the waterproof coating.

customized waterproof PCB

Customized waterproof PCB

It might be difficult to alter the PCB’s design unless you are using structural waterproofing to remove the encasing without damaging it.

What Are Some Of The Drawbacks Of Using Waterproof PCB?

Despite the many benefits that the waterproof PCB has, there are also a few limitations about the product and they include;

  • Waterproof PCBs require more time to produce due to the application of the resin and conformal coatings.
  • They are also more expensive to produce and purchase.

Does Fluctuation In Temperature Have An Impact On The Functionality Of Waterproof PCB?

Generally, waterproof PCBs have the ability to withstand changes in temperature conditions.

However, most of them have a certain threshold of effectiveness.

Of which, if you subject waterproof PCBs to temperatures above or far below the threshold, PCBs may have certain damages.

A change in temperature may damage the waterproof coatings.

The PCB’s core structure may lose some dielectric properties causing it to malfunction as well as causing damages to its solder joints.

How Can You Remove Conformal Coatings From Waterproof PCBs?

Wrong choice of coating material may be due to inadequate coverage of the coating material.

These are some of the factors that can lead to the removal of the conformal coating of the PCB.

The following are some of the methods you can use to successfully remove the conformal coatings;

Peeling- is mostly used in removing hard silicone coating and it involves the operator peeling off the conformal coating from the PCB.

Heating method- In this method, heat is used in removing the conformal coatings.

Therefore, you will be required to use low-temperature heat to gently burn and melt the coating.

However, the only limitation about this method is that,

It is capable of causing damage to the PCB and the electronic components especially when high-temperature heat is used in removing the coating.

Using solvents- solvents are capable of removing waterproof coatings that are susceptible to them i.e. acetone.

Grinding and scraping method- rely on several scrapping and rubbing equipment depending on the composition of the conformal coating materials.

Micro- blasting- involve using a spray containing a combination of compressed air and a soft abrasive to dislodge the coating from the PCB.

How Can You Maintain The Functionality Of The PCB Conformal Coating Of Waterproof PCB?

To maintain the functionality of the PCB conformal coatings, there are mechanisms that should be taken during the coating process and after the process.

Of course, this will also prevent the failure of the waterproof PCB.

First, during the coating process, ensure to apply the recommended thickness to the PCB.

Do not apply too little or too much of the coat to the PCB.

Always ensure that while applying the coat, you do so in several thin coats to allow the bubbles to dissipate between the layers properly.

Third, always ensure to blend the surface when doing brush coating so as to allow a smooth flow of the coat to every part of the substrate.

Lastly, use a low viscous version of a conformal coating that you choose to use.

Is Waterproof PCBs Durable?

Generally, waterproof PCB is highly durable due to its resistance to chemicals, abrasion, moisture, dust, and temperatures up to a certain threshold.

The durability aspect is exhibited by the property and the features that the PCBs possess such as their resistance to chemicals, moisture, corrosion, oxidation among others.

What Are The Factors To Put Into Consideration When Choosing PCB Conformal Coating For Your Waterproof PCB?

PCB conformal coating plays a very important role on the PCB such as providing protection against moisture, chemical, dust among others.

Therefore, these are some of the aspects you need to look out for when choosing a high-quality conformal coating for your PCBs.

Sie umfassen;

  • Should be easily re-workable.
  • Should have a wider range of operating temperature.
  • Should feature low cost and toxicity levels.
  • Must have a long shelf life.
  • Should be easy to spray and feature low viscosity.
  • Have to shield the board from high or low temperatures and mechanical impacts.

Which Surface Finishes Are Suitable For Waterproof PCBs?

In most cases, hot air solder level[HASL] and the Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold are the most preferred and used methods of surface finish for waterproof PCB.

This is because they add some value to the PCB’s performance.

Zum Beispiel;

Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold[ENIG] makes the PCB surface flatter hence you can manage the placement of vias and components easily.

These two surface finishing methods are appropriate for applying conformal coating and encapsulation method on the PCB surface.

However, between the two surface finishing technologies, ENIG delivers better performance in PCBs surface application than HASL surface finishing technology.

How Do PCB Waterproof Manufacturers Regulate The Quality Of Waterproof PCB?

All of our manufactured waterproof PCBs have ISO, UL, and RoHS certificate approval, therefore, are considered safe, liable, efficient, and long-lasting to use.

In addition to that, the product is 100% inspected by rich-experienced inspectors and engineers.

This helps to ensure the product conforms to the quality standard requirements.

Is Waterproof PCB Resistant To High Temperatures?

Generally, waterproof PCBs are resistant to temperature but up to a certain threshold.

Extreme temperature above the threshold or far below the threshold can cause damage to the waterproof.

The level of temperature resistance by waterproof PCB depends on the type of conformal coating used on the PCB.

At Venture Electronics, we design, fabricate and assemble waterproof PCBs depending on specific needs of our clients.

Für Anfragen oder Fragen, Kontaktieren Sie jetzt Venture Electronics.

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