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Schlüsselfertige Leiterplatte

Venture is your best turnkey PCB partner. For more than 10 years in manufacturing and turnkey solution provider, we assured you to meet every demand of customers from various industries in terms of quality and delivery.

Venture has a production process for the design engineer from quote to delivery, PCB-Herstellung, and PCB turnkey which offers exceptional customer service.

Also, we have offered flexible payment terms to help your business. If you are growing a business or having an upcoming project, Venture is your best solution.

Your Leading Turnkey PCB Supplier in China

Your Leading Turnkey PCB Supplier in China

Venture is the entrusted turnkey PBC manufacturer in China. Venture provides complete turnkey PCB such as services essential to create your finished products. Aside from that, it includes high volume PCBA, PCB-Prototypen, inventory management, and shipment to your-end user.

This turnkey PBC services can manufacture your design requirements. Also, the some components board may have multiple layers. But sometimes it comes up to 24 layers to 35 layers and above. Venture can manufacture turnkey PCB and provides 2 colors and above. At Venture, the turnkey PCB can manufacture small number usually less than 100.

Schlüsselfertige Leiterplatte

Venture offers a reliable complete turnkey PCB service solution.  As we are the provider of one-stop turnkey PBC services, our company offers expert consulting in DFM or Design for Manufacturing. Venture handles the whole turnkey PCB process that includes PCB manufacturing, ordering all the Komponenten, and testing the final shipment.

Venture has no minimum order requirement, just order start from one piece. For more than 10 years in PCB manufacturing experience, we have rich experience in every customer’s demand. Also, Venture assured you of the quality and longevity of the PCB. We are proud of serving as your business partner which exactly supplies PCB products that are exactly what you need.

Schlüsselfertige Leiterplatte

Venture has lots of certifications such as ISO 9001, SGS, CE, and more. If you want to visit our factory, it is located in Shenzhen, China. We are the fastest and bigger growing region for manufacturing, prototyping, and production. At Venture, you can assure the best and superior quality of turnkey PCB. At Venture, the satisfaction of our loyal customers is our priority.

If you have inquiries or orders for your next turnkey PCB, just contact us.

Turnkey PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Nearly all customers are looking for turnkey PCB solutions.

This is due to the many benefits it offers such as cost saving, ease of introducing new product and better quality control, amongst others.

However, opting for turnkey PCB, read this guide.

What Is Turnkey PCB?

These are goods and services that are sold to the buyer for immediate use where the supplier handles all aspects of PCB solutions.

PCB solutions include Leiterplattenherstellung und PCB-Komponenten procuring, picking and placing components at specific places.

What Are The Benefits Of Turnkey PCB?

Turnkey PCB Is A One In All Service

Turnkey PCB Is An All In One Service

Some of the benefits of using Turnkey PCB include the following;

Reduziert Kosten

The adoption of turnkey assembly and PCB manufacturing has seen the overall costs of production reduce.

Often, the service is normally packed up, services being packed up means that some of the expenses of production have been eliminated.

The relief of Turnkey PCB is felt the most when it comes to the costs of freight.

Freight cost implies to the charged price by a carrier to send cargo from source location to the desired destination.

Also, components procuring are made easier thus helping in the reduction of the costs as well.

Good deals are able to be secured between the electronic assemblers and the manufacturers since they have long-term cooperation between them.

Good Quality Of Components

Parts procurement is a task that is assigned to the professional assemblers.

Their expertise and the long term cooperation with the suppliers usually help them to get a good quality of the components.

If the procuring is done by oneself, then there is a higher chance of being given a raw deal since there is no expertise to perform quality check.

There is need for a professional expertise since they look at the quality of the components.

Kurze Vorlaufzeit

Initially, one had to go through all steps of PCB assembly separately.

The steps involved contracting the company to a fabrication of PCB then moving to the component procuring.

After procuring the components, the last step is getting the contracting of the assembly.

The process took longer especially when the companies were in different countries.

In the full turnkey PCB assembly the processes are done together as they are reduced to a single process.

The process eliminates the communication of several partners.

Having a reduced numbers of communication and quotations reduces the chances of distortion on the project.

Having several quotations on a single project increases the probability of a mistake on the project to occur.

A mistake on the project means that the final project has been compromised as the set objects have not been met.

Einfache Überwachung

The disintegrated step requires different professional expertise to monitor each stage.

In Turnkey PCB assembly, the process is monitored as a single step since the sub sectional monitoring is handles within contractor’s structure.

There are professional in the company who have the responsibility to ensure that each stage has been perfected.

Through embracing professionalism and dedication, the client gets an end product that is of desired quality.

Therefore, it is easier having the process monitored at once than being monitored differently at each stage.

Prototyping Is Made Easier

Prototyping is made easier as the cost and the time spent in prototyping are reduced as compared to the traditional PCB assembly.

The traditional PCB assembly required prototypes to be done at each stage of production.

The vendor takes full responsibility of everything based on the client specifications.

Through engaging the vendor, the products will get seasoned expertise hence they are going to be products of high quality.

The customers are not assured of high quality products but also they will acquire them in good time for their use.

Detecting Problems Earlier

It is very bad experience learning on the mistakes and problems present when you are way far on the PCB.

In turnkey PCB, when an error occurs during prototyping, it is detected before the production of the boards.

The good thing with turnkey Leiterplattenmontage is that in case something goes south, all the liability fall to the vendor.

The vendors have to take care of everything to ensure that mistakes have been identified and rectified earlier before they are worse.

If the errors are not discovered in time, they are very costly hence it is important if they are discovered at earlier stages.

The PCB designers not only correct the errors but also help in the establishment of designs for future products.

Mehrere Dienste

Most of the vendors who offer turnkey assembly services have the ability to provide other services that customers find convenient.

Apart from manufacturing and assembly services, suppliers often provide transport services and inventory services.

Professional Proof Of Concept

Proofing a professional concept increases the chances of investors having high levels of interests.

Providers of Turnkey PCB assembly ensure that they give high quality circuit boards without being assembled.

They are able to provide goods with the name of the company, logo, and professional look of the boards thus making them more appealing

Apart From Reduced Costs , Prototyping Is Made Easier With Turnkey PCB

Apart From Reduced Costs, Prototyping Is Easier With Turnkey PCB

Are There Limitations Of Turnkey PCB?

Yes, there exist limitations of Turnkey PCB.

Some of the limitations that come with the Turnkey PCB include the following;


Natural disasters and situations related to facility technical issues is one of the greatest limitations of the Turkey PCB.

Turnkey PCB manufacturing demands use of dangerous chemicals which have the potential of causing natural disasters.

Technical Facility Issues

Adopting the Turnkey PCB comes with lots of demands that should be considered before it is chosen and used.

Sometimes, the users encounter technical facility issues from using the Turnkey PCB which are so much costly when they happen.


Turnkey PCB comes with a lot of legal issues from the government authorities of respective countries.

In most of the countries around the globe, the governments do not allow use of individual products in the manufacture of Turnkey PCB.

Individuals that do not abide by the law and go ahead using the products, they face legal challenges which are costly and worse.

Difficulty In Team Management

It is a hard task to manage the team of employees during the Turkey PCB processes as there is so much that is involved.

Since there is much pressure due to the many activities, managing employees during the assembly process becomes uncomfortable.

How Can Turnkey PCB Benefit Small Businesses?

Turnkey PCB has lots of benefits to the small businesses; some of the benefits it has include the following;

Turnkey PCB Saves Time For Small Businesses

The greatest advantage of the turnkey PCB is saving the customers’ precious time thus focusing on the other aspects of the business.

This happens as the turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer deals with the whole PCB assembly process which saves lots of time.

Being a customer, there is no need of spending efforts and time to find quotations that are cost effective for individual components.

Apart from the individual components, there are purchase troubles of the component and putting the quotations together.

The customers are much relieved as they do not worry about handling the above situations.

Also, at a perspective of cost, the services of turnkey PCB assemblies are effective than the services that are bundled.

Turnkey PCB Helps Small Businesses In Finding Problems During The Initial Stages Of Design

When using turnkey PCB assembly in the prototype stage, any issues to the assembly can be detected and rectified earlier.

It is of so much advantage that the turnkey PCB manufacturer is able to pin point errors when the netlist file has been shared.

During the design phase of the turnkey PCB assembly and fabrication, the errors can be corrected on their own.

Through that, it would have saved resources when making expensive changes when you are about to complete the production.

Worse can take place where you might have finished the whole process and there is need to make changes.

Management Is Made Better

With the turnkey PCB assembly management is made easier as one does not need to deal with various suppliers.

It is a great advantage to the small businesses as management is made easier for them.

Dealing with multiple supplies can come with lots of fouls like misinformation.

With the turnkey supplier, contacts are made only to a single supplier thus making the whole process seamless and easier.

Additionally, suppliers of turnkey PCB assembly assure timely delivery since the entire responsibility is upon them.

Unlike dealing with multiple suppliers where a misunderstanding occurs hence causing errors which become costly consequences.

Turnkey PCB Helps In The Estimation Of Manufacturing Costs

During the actual planning of the finances, the turnkey PCB assembly services become ideal.

For instance, the prototypes early costs can greatly help in the estimation of the manufacturing costs in future.

Turnkey service provider is able to provide cost basing on the quantity specification that a client wants.

The manufacturer is able to quote costs more effectively since you may not want to start a large scale production run.

Also, they give the advantage of suppliers putting together several small orders into a single order at a reasonable price.

By combining small orders, they help you enjoy economies of scale that might not be available independently.

Hochvolumige Leiterplattenbaugruppe

When more PCBs are required, with turnkey, any quantity that is required can be provided.

The main thing here, the design needs to be perfected which makes it possible for individuals to receive number of products they desire.

To get the actual desired number of goods, individuals should be able to stick to a single vendor.

With the help of using cloud software, manufacturers produce number of items that is significant to their customers.

Turnkey PCB Saves A Company Time As Communication Is With One Manufacturer

Turnkey PCB Saves A Company Time As Communication Is With One Manufacturer

Why Should You Consider China For Turnkey PCB Solution?

China should be considered for the Turnkey PCB solutions because of the following reasons;

Firstly, the PCB manufacturers in china are more reliable since most of them are certified concerning the quality and manufacturing technology.

Secondly, the PCB manufacturers in china have their own factories which welcomes people for visits thus they are reliable.

Thirdly, china PCB manufactures they do a constant follow up services on their customers.

Lastly, China should be considered for Turnkey PCB solutions as they have been established a long while.

Therefore, China is an ideal country to seek the Turnkey PCB solutions as it conducts the processes on strict standards thus creating quality.

Is Turnkey PCB Good For OEM Businesses?

Yes, turnkey PCB is good for the Originalausrüstungshersteller (OEM) businesses.

OEM businesses benefits on the following when they choose Turnkey PCB;

Manufacturing That Is In-house Is More Cost Effective

With Turnkey PCB a better return on investments are provided with the manufacturers because of how they design, assemble and ship.

Designers of turnkey manufacturing are in-house and parts are acquired within the organization thus speeding up everything.

Traditional PCB manufacturing and assembly involves having different design consultants and finding parts thus slowing the process.

In House Manufacturing Is Beneficial To OEM Businesses

In House Manufacturing Is Beneficial To OEM Businesses

No Waiting For Parts

The Turnkey PCB manufacturer has the role of acquiring the parts for the board.

Looking around for parts and waiting them to get delivered buys a lot of time thus slowing down the projects.

Turnkey PCB ensures that the parts are readily available and in-house hence there are no overseas issues to arise.

The OEM will not have to wait as the parts will available at the correct time.

The OEM’s return on investment is improved since less time is used compared to the traditional method.


An in-house assembly is always fast and perfect.

The OEM does not worry about the budgets since Turnkey PCB can turnaround a PCB project in a short time.

Errors while using the turnkey PCB are close to minimal since the process takes place at one time thus reducing error correction costs.

How Does Turnkey PCB Compare To Electronic Contract Manufacturing?

Turkey PCB compares to Electronic Contract Manufacturing in a similar way.

They design, manufacture, distribute and make follow up on their products.

Besides, they both have reduced costs of production as they save on time during production.

They provide goods that are of high quality free from errors.

How Does Turnkey PCB Work?

The Turnkey PCB works by incorporating all the stages of production into a single process.

The team of employees have the responsibility of getting all the relevant parts to be used.

Using Turnkey PCB cuts down the time for waiting parts and reduces the likelihood of an error occurring.

Turnkey Works By Putting All Stages In One Process

Turnkey PCB Works By Putting All Stages In One Process

Which Services Do Turnkey PCB Service Providers In China Offer?

The turnkey PCB providers in China offer the following services;

  • Manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards
  • Tracking of component order and sourcing components.
  • Assembly of printed Circuit Boards
  • Verpackung und Versand
  • Sendungsmontage
  • Conformal coating partial turnkey assembling

Who Is Responsible For Quality Control In Turnkey PCB?

Individuals responsible for quality control in Turnkey PCB are the manufacturing technicians.

The manufacturing technicians check on;

Component expertise, the board needs to be assembles with best quality parts.

Process controls, the manufacturing processes should fully follow the documented assembly and system procedures.

IPC certification, manufacturing technicians should be certified for reworking, soldering and other operations.

Assembly checks, solder joints should be inspected before and after soldering.

Test and inspection, all work done should be evaluated through system and human techniques of inspection.

Functional workplace, there should be an assembly line that is organized properly and maintained.

Is Turnkey PCB Cost Effective?

Yes, Turnkey PCB is cost effective.

How Can You Expedite Turnkey PCB Process?

Firstly, you can expedite the process by the customers uploading their desired designs on the cloud based files.

When designs are uploaded to the cloud based files, the manufacturer provides immediate quote thus speeding up the process.

Cloud based files are relied upon by Turnkey PCB to speed up the process of manufacturing.

Secondly, the process can be sped up by keeping parts acquisition, fabrication under a single roof.

The parts should be ordered in plenty for several projects which save on time thus speeding up the process of production.

Who Benefits Most From Turnkey PCB?

Start-up companies and small businesses

They benefit from Turnkey PCB as they can bring small quantities of their assembled PCBs to markets without extensive inventory.

Apart from extensive inventory, they do not need to invest.

Designer, they focus on their time on PCB design thus creating great designs that have a professional look.

Kunden, products to customers are produced, shipped and delivered in time as the process takes a shorter time.

What Should You Consider When Choosing Turnkey PCB Service Provider?

Einige der Überlegungen beinhalten:

Boards’ Quality

The quality of the boards should be considered since they are going to make your desired products.

Manufacturer’s Technological Capabilities

It is important to note whether the board manufacturer has the potential to create your desired requirements of the design.

Customizability Options

One needs to observe whether they can customize the boards with their own features like choice of solder mask color.

Lead And Delivery Times

The time your design to get into production, making of the board and shipping should be considered.


The value of the PCB is so much significant as it contributes to the final value of the finished product.

What Does Partial Turnkey PCB Assembly Imply?

It implies that the customer has to source for some of the components, then the manufacturer will source for the remaining.

How Can You Get Quick Quote For Turnkey PCB Service?

A quick quote can be achieved when the customer uploads the desired design on cloud based files. When the files are there, the manufacturer provides an immediate response.

How Long Does It Take To Complete Turnkey PCB Project?

A Turnkey PCB projects takes some few days to be completed.

What Determines Turnkey PCB Cost?

The Cost Of Turnkey PCB Is Determined y Quantity And Quality Of Board

The Cost Of Turnkey PCB Is Determined By Quality And Quantity Of PCB Boards

Source of digital parts, when the parts are more available, the cheaper the turnkey PCB will be.

Produktionskosten, when the cost of production is high, the cost of the Turnkey will also be high.

Liefergebühr, when shipment costs are high and included to the final product, it is obvious that the pricing will be high.

Quantity and quality of the board, depending on the size and type of board used, they will determine the final cost.

Quantities required, when the quantities are numerous, it will mean higher prices than few quantities.

Manufacturers’ equipment, equipment used to give the desired design might have an impact on the final price of the product.

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