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  • TU-872 fabricated by expert engineers
  • Full range of TU-872
  • TU-872 manufactured with professional quality
  • Competitive cost without MOQ

Composition of TU-872

TU-872 is based on a high performance modified epoxy FR-4 resin. This material is reinforced with regular woven E-glass and designed with low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor for high speed low loss and high frequency multilayer circuit board Anwendung.

TU-872 LK material is suitable for environmental protection lead free process and also compatible with FR-4 processes. TU-872 LK laminates also exhibit excellent CTE, superior chemical resistance, thermal stability, CAF resistance, and toughness enhanced by an allyl network forming compound.


Standard Availability of TU-872

>Thickness: 0.002”[0.05mm] to 0.062”[1.58mm], available in sheet or panel form
>Copper Foil Cladding: 1/3 to 5 oz for built-up & double sides
>Prepregs: Available in roll or panel form
>Glass Styles: 106, 1080, 3313, 2116 and other prepreg grades are available upon request

What is the difference between TU-872 laminate and TU-883 laminate?

In the lamination of printed circuit boards, you are free to choose different types of laminates. You can choose to use TU-872 laminate or TU-883 laminate.

One of the most notable differences between TU-872 and TU-883 laminates is heat dissipation. TU-883 laminate has a lower heat dissipation coefficient compared to TU-872 laminate which has a high performance range. In addition to this, TU-872 laminate has better electrical properties.

However, both types of laminates have similar materials with UV resistance, CAF resistance and LED-free process compatibility.


TU-872 Beschreibung

Venture is a trusted manufacturer of high-quality TU-872 in China for more than 10 years. Venture is equipped with advanced technology and production facilities. We also have the latest equipment and tools in manufacturing our TU-872. Therefore, you can assure that Venture can manufacture the best quality TU-872.

Your Leading TU-872 Supplier in China

Venture TU-872 is a modified high-performance epoxy FR-4 resin system. It is also reinforced with a regular woven E-glass.

Our TU-872 is capable of a lead-free environmental protection process. It is also fabricated with FR-4 processes compatibility.


Additionally, we produce high-quality TU-872 with the following processing and performance advantages:

  • hervorragende elektrische Eigenschaften
  • excellent soldering and through-hole  reliability
  • less than 4.0 dielectric constant
  • less than 0.010 dissipation factor
  • superior flatness, dimensional stability, and thickness uniformity
  • flat and stable Dk/Df performance
  • reduced Z-axis thermal expansion
  • compatible with modified FR-4 processes
  • Anti-CAF capability
  • lead-free compatible

We designed TU-872 with lots of advanced features for outstanding performance in applications with a high-speed and high-frequency circuit board.

Do you need the best quality TU-872 for your business or project? Venture is your perfect manufacturer! Venture is a trusted Chinese supplier of TU-872 for more than 10 years!

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To support you, we can offer TU-872 with the best prices. We also offer TU-872 along with excellent delivery options and flexible payment terms.

If you have a large-scale or single quantity of TU-872 orders, you are always welcome at Venture! At Venture, we do not have a minimum order required for your TU-872!

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TU-872 Laminates: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


This guide will answer all questions you have about TU – 872 laminates.

So, if you want to be an expert in these Tuc laminates, read this guide.

What is TU-872 Laminate?

TU – 872 is a special type of high-performance laminate with modified epoxy FR-4 resin material.

It has regular woven E-glass with low dielectric constants and low dissipation factors thus enhancing high performance.

TU-872 Laminate

TU-872 Laminate

How Does TU-872 Laminate Compare to TU-768 Laminates?

In the lamination of printed circuit boards, you have the freedom of choosing different types of laminates.

You can either choose to use the TU- 872 laminates or the TU- 768 laminates.

With this in mind, you should note that TU – 872 laminates are best for high-performance applications.

Apart from that, TU – 872 laminates have great electrical performance in comparison to TU-768 laminates.

On the other hand, TU – 768 laminates have high glass transition temperature and great thermal resistance.

Despite the above difference, you will use similar materials in the manufacturing process of both laminates.
What is the Difference Between TU-872 Laminate and TU-662 Laminate?

One of the most notable differences between Tu-872 and TU – 662 laminates is the level of performance.

TU-662 laminates have a low performance range in comparison to TU – 872 laminates with a high-performance range.

TU – 872 laminates also have better electrical performance in comparison to the TU – 662 laminates.

However, both types of laminates have similar materials with UV resistance, Anti- CAF properties, and LED-free process compatibility.

Do You Experience Safety Constraints When Using the TU-872 Laminates?

Yes, you have to be very careful when using the TU – 872 laminates.

In other words, you have to observe the safety constraints and regulations to stay on the safe side.

You need to be aware of cuts and injuries on your body that might cause harm if you don’t have protective gear.

As manufacturers, we also make sure that you get the right handling and safety manual.

You have to read the handling and safety manual and understand the safety requirements.

You are free from the effects of lead on your health as the TU-872 PCB laminate eliminated the use of lead.

The elimination of lead makes it suitable for your health and prevents pollution of the environment.

What are Some of the Applications of TU-872 Laminates?

There are numerous applications where you can use the TU – 872 laminates.

You will use the TU- 872 laminates in the fabrication of PCBs for different applications within the industrial level.

Here are some of the main applications of TU-872 laminates:

Computer Systems

You will use the TU-872 laminates on high-performance computer systems thus boosting the operations.

It helps in the manufacturing of back panels which are constituent parts of the high-performing supercomputers.


You will also have the TU- 872 laminates as part of machines that you will use on various communication systems.

You will find them on servers that are found in base stations of communication systems.

Office Routers

Due to the high level of performance, you will find the TU-872 laminates as part of the office router.

It will help in facilitating faster processing of information through the office router system.

Can You Use the TU-872 Laminates in High-Frequency Applications?

Yes, you can use the TU- 872 laminates on high-frequency applications.

TU – 872 laminates are high-performance laminates that are ideal for high-frequency applications.

The main properties that make it suitable for high-frequency applications are:

  • The high Glass transition temperature
  • Compatibility to lead-free processes
  • Low Loss of Signal Integrity
  • Große Dimensionsstabilität
  • Anti-CAF properties

High-Frequency TU872 Laminate

High-Frequency TU872 Laminate

What is the Difference Between TU-872 Laminate and FR4 Laminates?

Well, you can state that TU – 872 laminates are just a modification of the FR4 laminates.

You can use the FR4 laminates in standard applications without making adjustments.

On the other hand, you can modify the TU- 872 laminates in a bid to fit the application requirements.

Is there a Difference Between TU-872 Laminate and TU-872 Prepreg?

Yes, there is a difference between the TU-872 laminates and TU- 872 prepreg.

TU – 872 prepreg are base materials that have cured polyimide or epoxy resins.

On the flip side, you may have TU- 872 laminates with prepreg in copper clad laminates with copper on every side.

Apart from that, the TU-872 laminates are fully cured while the TU-872 prepregs are not cured fully.

You will also use the TU-872 laminate as a dielectric material for isolating different copper layers.

Do You Have Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications for TU-872 Laminates?

Yes, we do have the original equipment manufacturer specifications for the TU-872 laminates.

In most laminates, you will choose them according to the final application of the laminates.

Implying that, the TU-872 laminates come in the form of the original equipment manufacturing specifications.

For instance, in case you are interested in TU-872 laminates for mobile phones, you will have to get the OEM specifications.

What are the Thermal Properties of TU-872 Laminates?

You should consider the behavior of the TU-872 laminates when you expose them to heat.

Here are some of the factors you will look at when considering the thermal properties of TU – 872 laminates.

  • Glasübergangstemperatur
  • Coefficient of Therma Expansion
  • Wärmebelastung
  • Entzündbarkeit

Can You Use TU-768 Laminates on Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards?

Absolutely, you can use the TU-768 laminates on multiple layer printed circuit boards.

It is a core material for the printed circuit board thus making it a key part of the multilayer PCBs.

What Does the TU – 872 Lk Laminate Stand for?

TU- 872 LK laminates stand for a type of PCB laminate with a low dielectric constant and low dissipation factor.

Apart from that, TU- 872 LK laminates also have high thermal reliability materials with great environmental protection properties.

What Are the Industrial Quality Approvals of TU-872 Laminates?

You should always consider purchasing TU – 872 laminates that have industry quality approvals.

In other words, all the tests on the laminate must produce results that the laminate industry accepts.

Here are the main industrial quality approvals for the TU – 872 laminates.

IPC Quality Certification or Approval

Here, you will look at the IPC-4101 mode of testing the TU-872 laminates.

The main type or designation of IPC-4101 laminates you should concentrate on are 29, /98, /99, /101, /126.

UL Quality Certification or Approval

In this case, you will look at the UL designation under the ANSI Grade of FR-4.0 and UL file number of E189572.

Flammability Rating Quality Certification

You must also test the TU – 872 laminates against the flammability label to know the probability of it catching fire.

In this case, you will have a flammability rating of about 94V-0 to ensure that it passes the industrial standards.

Maximum Operating Temperature Approval

You must also approve that TU – 872 laminates can operate at high temperatures with the maximum being at 130 degrees centigrade.

What are the Processing Benefits of Using TU-872 Laminates?

In some of the industrial applications, you will find the TU- 872 laminates as part of the machines.

The machine manufacturers incorporate the TU-872 laminates because of it numerous benefits.

Here are some of the processing advantages that you will enjoy by using the TU-872 laminates.

Hervorragende elektrische Eigenschaften

You will enjoy great electrical properties which include undisturbed conduction of electricity from one point to another.

Apart from that, it has great volume and surface resistivity thus preventing leakage of electric current from the device.

Compatible to Lead Free Processing

You should also rest easy knowing that TU – 872 laminates have very little to no lead in them.

This makes the materials one of the safest types of PCB laminates that you can use in any environment.

Flat and Stable Performance

TU- 872 laminates have very stable and flat performance with flat and stable dissipation factors and dielectric constants.

With these factors in place, you will enjoy great electrical properties thus boosting the performance of industrial devices.

Soldering Reliability

You will also go through a very simple and easy time soldering and punching through holes into the laminates.

In other words, it has the best soldering and through hole reliability hence boosting the manufacturing process.

Anti-CAF Capability

You will also use the TU – 872 laminates for a longer period because of the Anti-CAF properties that prevent damage.

It will prevent the conductive anodic filaments from forming electro-mechanical migrations that usually lead to PCB failures.


It also exhibits great dimensional stability with uniform thickness, flatness, and uniformity across the board.

This makes it easy for you to place the laminate uniformly onto different types of printed circuit boards.

What are the Standard Available Dimensions of TU-872 laminates?

Manufacturers have a standard dimension which they refer to when manufacturing the TU – 872 laminates.

In case you do not specify the dimensions of TU-872 laminates that you need, you will get the laminate in standard dimensions.

Here are the standard dimensions of TU- 872 laminates that you ought to know more about.

Thickness of TU – 872 Laminates

You will get TU – 872 laminates that are within a range of 0.002 to 0.062 inches or 0.05mm to 1.58 mm.

The TU – 872 laminates are available in panel or sheet forms depending on your preferences.

Copper Foil Cladding

You will also receive copper foil cladding as part of the material dimensions ranging from 1/3 to about 5 ounces.

It can either be on the built-up single side or the built-up double-sided TU-872 laminates.

Copper Clad TU-872 Laminate Structure

Copper Clad TU-872 Laminate Structure


Prepregs also make up part of the TU-872 laminate materials that help in UV blocking and AOI process compatibility.

The standards that you will get prepreg in can either be in panel form or in the form of a roll.

Glass Styles

Here, you will be looking at the E-glass styles which are a component material for manufacturing TU-872 laminates.

The main E-glass styles that you can choose from are 106, 1080, 3313, and 2116 among others upon request.

What is the Peel Strength of TU-872 Laminates?

Peel strength is the amount of force that you will have to apply to for the bonding of TU-872 laminates to part.

TU-872 laminates have very high peel strengths that bind them firmly.

The firm bond makes it quite difficult to peel off even under high temperatures.

Under the IPC test method, you will yield a result of 5 to 7 pounds per inch under 1 oz of copper foil.

Implying that you must apply between 5 and 7 pounds of energy to peel off 1 inch of TU-872 laminates.

What is the Flexural Strength of TU-872 Laminates?

Flexural strength is the resistance of the TU-872 laminates from breaking after applying the bending force.

In other words, it describes how much bending force the TU-872 laminates can take before it actually breaks.

The flexural strength of the TU-872 laminates is actually quite high as you will need too much force to break it.

Lengthwise, you should be able to record 60,000 psi as the flexural strength after testing.

Similarly, crosswise, you should be able to record 50,000 psi as the flexural strength after testing.

How Does the Youngs Modulus Affect the Mechanical Properties of Tu-872 Laminates?

The young’s modulus is an aspect of calculating the change in the TU-872 laminates under a force.

It will help in determining the changes that will occur on the TU-872 laminates when you apply mechanical forces.

It covers the calculation of changes that occur under compressive loads as well as tensile loads.

Apart from that, you can also approach the young’s modulus from the fill direction and warp direction.

The warp direction of the young’s modulus results in 26 GPa while the full direction results in 24 GPa.

How Much Does the TU-872 Laminate Cost?

You should budget on spending between 0.05 and 18 US dollars per piece of the TU-872 laminates.

Your budget should consider particular factors that affect the cost of purchasing the TU- 872 laminates.

One of the most important aspects that you have to look at is the quality of the TU – 872 laminates.

The rule of thumb dictates that the higher the quality of TU – 872 laminates, the higher the price.

Apart from that, you may also want different sizes of TU- 872 laminates which will also come at a price.

In this case, the bigger the sizes of your TU-872 laminates, the more money you will spend.

Finally, the price range only covers one piece which means that the aspect of quantity plays a huge role.

The higher the quantity of TU-872 laminates you purchase, the more money you will pay.

How Do You Ensure Safety When Using the TU-872 Laminate?

Safety is one of the most important aspects that you have to be aware of when handling the TU-872 laminates.

The first aspect of safety that you should be aware of is the manufacturing aspect.

You should rest easy knowing that the TU – 872 laminates are safe for you and the environment as well.

Implying that, you will not be affected by the harmful effects of lead because the TU-872 laminates are led free compatible.

Apart from that, it does not produce toxic fumes that would otherwise pollute the environment.

The second aspect of safety is personal and touches on how you handle the TU-872 laminates.

Here, you will have to wear protective clothing such as gloves to prevent injuries from cuts and bruises.

Do You Supply TU-872 HF Laminates as Well?

Yes, you can also order for the TU- 872 HF laminate as well.

The main difference between the TU – 872 laminate and TU – 872 HF is the halogen-free aspect.

You will use halogen free materials to manufacture the TU-872 HF laminates thus providing it with unique aspects.

Some of the unique features of TU- 872 HF laminates are:

  • Flammability in the class of UL94V-0
  • AOI process Compatibility
  • UV-blockierende Eigenschaften

What is the Main Test Method for the TU-872 Laminates?

The main test method that you will use to test the TU-872 laminates is the IPC test method.

TU-872 PCB

TU-872 PCB

Here, you will be testing the TU-872 laminates according to the IPC standards of testing.

In this test, you will check various aspects of the TU-872 laminates such as:

  • Peel-Stärke
  • Volumenwiderstand
  • Biegefestigkeit
  • Arch Resistance
  • Entzündbarkeit
  • Surface and Volume Resistivity

These are just a few of the properties of TU- 872 laminates that you can test using different IPC test methods.

Here are some of the IPC test methods that you can use to test the features of TU- 872 laminates.

  • IPC-TM-650 Test Method 2.4.8 for testing the peel strength
  • IPC-TM-650 Test Method for testing the peel strength of TU – 872 laminates at elevated temperature
  • IPC-4101D/126 test method for testing the base layers of TU – 872 laminates

At Venture Electronics we will help you get the best TU- 872 laminates in the market.

Contact us now for all your TU- 872 laminate needs.

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