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  • Formstabil Taconic TLY-5
  • Fabricated through the advancement of technologies
  • More than 10 years of Taconic TLY-5 manufacturing experience
  • Professionelle Kundenbetreuung

How Do You Test the Properties of the Taconic tly-5 PCB?

Before using Taconic tly-5A laminates to produce printed circuit boards, we must test the Taconic tly-5A laminates for correct characteristics to ensure the quality of the boards.
The following are the properties of Taconic tly-5A laminates tested.

IPC-650 Testing the Dielectric Constant (DK)
IPC-650 Testing moisture absorption rate
IPC-650 2.5.6 Testing insulation breakdown
ASTM D149 Test for dielectric strength
IPC-650 2.4.4 Test of bending strength
UL-94 Test for flammability rating


Can you mix Taconic tly-5 with other PCB materials for hybrid multilayer PCBs?

Yes, you can mix Taconic tly-5 with other PCB materials for hybrid multilayer PCBs. In many hybrid multilayer printed circuit boards, although a unique circuit fabrication process is required, these materials are generally compatible.

Hybrid multilayer printed circuit boards using multilayer Taconic tly-5 and other materials are common. These the mix of materials will help you improve the reliability of your PCB, then you can get the excellent quality PCB.

How does Taconic tly-5 compare to Taconic CER-10?

-Taconic tly-5:                                                          –Taconic CER-10:
Dielectric constant @10GHz is 2.20         Dielectric constant (nominal) is 10
Dissipation factor 0.0009 at 10GHz         Dissipation factor @10GHz is 0.0035
Hygroscopicity is less than 0.02                  Moisture absorption rate is 0.02
Dielectric breakdown rate is >60             Dielectric Breakdown 44
Arc resistance greater than 180                 Arc resistance greater than 180
Peel Strength (1oz Copper) of 12               Peel Strength (1oz Copper) is 1.61
Thermal conductivity is 0.22                        Thermal conductivity is 0.63
UL-94 flammability is V-O                              UL-94 Flammability for V-O



Venture is a manufacturer of high-quality Taconic TLY-5 that is dimensionally stable. It is also equipped with high peel strength. For more optimized performance, we manufactured Taconic TLY-5 that is laser ablative.

Because of its advanced features, our Taconic TLY-5 is applicable for:

  • automotive radar
  • Luft-und Raumfahrt
  • Leistungsverstärker
  • Luft-und Raumfahrt

Your LeadingTaconic TLY-5 Supplier in China

Venture manufactures Taconic TLY-5 laminates are manufactured with woven lightweight fiberglass. Our Taconic TLY-5 also has a woven matrix that able us to yield more stable laminate.

The low dissipation factor of our Taconic TLY-5 allows it to be suitable for any automotive radar applications that are designed for 77 GHz and other antennas.

As a professional manufacturer, our Taconic TLY-5 can give you a better laser hole quality. It is also manufactured with optimized flexibility. It is designed specifically for antenna fabrication with some curvature.

We manufacture Taconic TLY-5 with more advanced features that can give more valuable benefits. Some of our Taconic TLY-5 benefits include:

  • formstabil
  • laser ablative
  • lowest DF
  • uniform, consistent DK
  • hohe Schälfestigkeit
  • geringe Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme

Because of its optimized features, our Taconic TLY-5 can be best suitable for applications like satellite communications. These are also best for automotive radars and filters.

Moreover, our Taconic TLY-5 can be best applicable for phased array antennas, avionics, couplers, filters, aerospace, power amplifiers, LNBs, LNAs, and LNCs.

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of Taconic TLY-5 in China? Venture is your best choice! We can give you the best quality Taconic TLY-5 that will suit your PCB requirements.

Venture offers high-quality customer service, engineering, and production. Besides, we also guarantee competitive pricing. Plus, a flexible payment term is also offered to support you without the minimum order required.

Venture is known as a professional manufacturer of Taconic TLY-5 in China for more than 1o years. By providing 2 hours of rapid response, 24/7 tech and sales support team, and great after-sales service, Venture will be your best Taconic TLY-5 manufacturer!

If you are a retailer, electrical engineer, or maker, Venture can give you the best deals for every Taconic TLY-5 orders! Venture always aim to support your business or project!

For more inquiries, contact us directly!

Taconic Tly-5: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Before you import Taconic Tly-5 for your PCB fabrication needs, read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for about these Taconic PCB materials.

Lesen Sie weiter, um mehr zu erfahren.

What is Taconic Tly-5?



Taconic tly-5 is a type of Taconic laminates known for dimensional stability, high peel strength and efficiency.

They have a dielectric constant of 2.20, a dielectric thickness of .0050.”

What are the Applications of Taconic Tly-5?

You can use Taconic tly-5 in any of the following:

  • Kfz-Radare
  • Satellitenkommunikation
  • Mobilfunk
  • Leistungsverstärker
  • LNBs, LNAS, and LNCs.
  • Aerospace, just to mention a few

What are the Typical Values of Taconic Tly -5?

Typical values of Taconic tly-5 include:

  • Taconic tly-5 have a Dielectric constant @10GHz of 2.20
  • Taconic tly-5 have a dissipation factor @10GHz of 0.0009
  • They have a moisture absorption of less than 0.02
  • They have a dielectric breakdown greater than 60
  • They have a volume resistivity of 10
  • They have a surface resistivity of 10
  • They have an arc resistance of greater than 180
  • They have a flexural strength lengthwise greater than 12000
  • They have a flexural strength clockwise greater than 10000
  • They have a peel strength (1oz copper) of 12
  • They have thermal conductivity is 0.22
  • They have UL-94 flammability is V-O.

Are there other available Sheet Size Options for Taconic Tly-5?

Yes, there are other available sheet size options, which include:

  • 12” by 18”(304mm by 457mm)
  • 16" x 18" (406 mm x 457 mm)
  • 18" x 24" (457 mm x 610 mm)
  • 16" x 36" (406 mm x 914 mm)
  • 24" x 36" (610 mm x 914 mm)
  • 18" x 48" (457 mm x 1220 mm)

What are the Benefits of Taconic Tly-5?

Benefits of Taconic tly-5 include:

  • Taconic tly-5 contributes to excellent mechanical and thermal properties.
  • Taconic tly-5 is dimensionally stable.
  • Sie eignen sich für Mikrowellendesigns mit geringer Schichtzahl.
  • Taconic tly-5 has low moisture absorption.
  • Taconic tly-5 has the lowest Df.
  • Sie haben eine hohe Schälfestigkeit.
  • Taconic tly-5 are laser abatable.
  • Taconic tly-5 is uniform and has a consistent DK.

What is the Thickness of Taconic Tly-5?

The typical thicknesses for Taconic tly-5 vary depending on the inches as follows:

Taconic tly-5 with 0.0035 inches has a thickness of 0.09mm.

Taconic tly-5 with 0.0050 inches has a thickness of 0.13mm.

Taconic tly-5 with 0.0075 inches has a thickness of 0.19mm.

Taconic tly-5 with 0.00100 inches has a thickness of 0.25mm.

Taconic tly-5 with 0.00200 inches has a thickness of 0.51mm.

Taconic tly-5 with 0.00300 inches has a thickness of 0.76mm.

Taconic tly-5 with 0.00600 inches has a thickness of 1.52mm.

What Materials are useful in Cladding Taconic Tly-5?

Materials used for cladding Taconic tly-5 include:

  • Kupfer
  • Messing
  • Aluminium

What is the Solder Mask process for Taconic Tly-5?

The solder mask process for Taconic tly-5 entails:

Verschiedene Farben der Leiterplatte

Diffrerent colors of PCB

i. Definieren Sie das Schaltungsmuster durch Ätzen der Platten.

ii. Allow the plated etch panel to rest on the board throughout the inspection processes.

ii. This inspection will also serve to prevent the contamination of copper on the surface.

iii. Bevor Sie die metallische Ätzung entfernen, sollten Sie den Prozess zum Auftragen der Lötmaske einrichten.

iv. Strip the copper surfaces to remove all impurities such as esbats lead or tin.

v. Stellen Sie ausreichend Oberflächen für die Haftung von Lötstopplack auf Kupferoberflächen bereit.

You can achieve the solder mask adhesion by chemically cleaning and making the copper surface rough using an acid.

vi. Trocknen Sie die Platten immens gut.

vii Lassen Sie die Bleche etwa fünf bis zehn Minuten bei Raumtemperatur abkühlen und tragen Sie dann sofort den Lötstopplack auf.

viii Lesen Sie die Anweisungen des Herstellers und stützen Sie sich darauf, um die Lötstoppmaske zu härten und zu backen.

ix. For the second side of the Taconic tly-5, repeat the process beginning with number V.

How do you drill Holes on Taconic Tly-5 before Plating?

The following process will help you drill hole on Taconic Tly-5 PCB:

1) Sodium Treatment

Sodium treatment involves the treatment of the drilled hole using a sodium based chemical.

Dieses Verfahren wird in großem Umfang in der Industrie eingesetzt.

Sie sollten 1 Stunde lang bei einer Temperatur von 121 Grad Celsius backen, um die während der Behandlung aufgenommene Feuchtigkeit zu entfernen.

Zu den Vorteilen der Natriumbehandlung gehören:

  • The hole wall treatment grants the Taconic tly-5 a longer shelf life.
  • Sie können eine schnellere Behandlungszeit erreichen.
  • There is full coverage of the Taconic tly-5.

2) Plasma Etching

Plasma etching involves subjecting the hole to plasma treatment.

You will use hydrogen and nitrogen gas mixture.

Also, ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and the recommended treatment process.

Sie sollten 1 Stunde lang bei einer Temperatur von 121 Grad Celsius backen, um die während der Behandlung aufgenommene Feuchtigkeit zu entfernen.

What are the Features of Taconic Tly-5?

Some features of Taconic tly-5 include:

  • Die meisten von ihnen haben Glasgewebeverstärkungen.
  • They mostly have low cost, high volume applications.
  • They have an excellent peel length.
  • They have high-frequency performance.
  • Sie sind formstabil.
  • They have cladding on one or both sides.
  • Sie werden einer Entflammbarkeitsprüfung unterzogen.

What should you Consider when Choosing Taconic Tly-5?

The following factors should be put into consideration when choosing Taconic tly-5:

  • Glasübergangstemperatur: This is the temperature at which high molecular weight materials change from a glass state to a viscous rubber state.

It is essential to put the temperature into consideration.

This is because the rigid Taconic tly-5 will stop working at this temperature and begin to soften.

  • Thermische Zersetzungstemperatur: It varies depending on the type of PCB material.

For many epoxy systems, the temperature ranges between 300 degrees Celsius to 400 degrees Celsius. It is also the same temperature range for flexible Taconic tly-5 materials.

  • Dielektrizitätskonstante: Dies bezieht sich auf die Geschwindigkeit, mit der sich ein elektrisches Signal in einem dielektrischen Material ausbreitet.

Für eine Übertragung mit hoher Rate müssen Leiterplatten Laminate mit einem niedrigen Dk verwenden, um eine hohe Frequenz zu erreichen.

  • Wärmeausdehnung: Wärmeausdehnung bezieht sich auf die Fähigkeit, sein Aussehen aufgrund einer Temperaturänderung zu verändern.

Taconic tly-5 may change their shape, area, or volume when the temperature exceeds the Tg value.

  • Wärmeleitfähigkeit: Dies ist die Fähigkeit eines Materials, Wärme zu leiten.

When choosing Taconic tly-5, consider those with copper and aluminum.

They have high thermal conductivity.

  • RoHS-konform: Dies bezieht sich auf die „grüne“ Anforderung, die von Markterwägungen und -richtlinien angetrieben wird.

Are there Limitations for Taconic Tly-5?

Limitations for Taconic tly-5 include:

  • Processing high-performance Taconic laminates is not a simple business. It can lead to an increased cost of the final product.
  • Taconic tly-5 requires massive investment and technical expertise.

Was beinhaltet der PCB-Laminierungsprozess?

The PCB lamination process will vary depending on different types of PCBs and lamination specifications.

Das kannst du dir anschauen:

· Doppelseitige Leiterplatten

Bei doppelseitigen Leiterplatten ist der Laminierungsprozess ganz ähnlich wie bei anderen Arten von Leiterplatten.

You should laminate a double-sided PCB panel using dry resist layer.

It should be photosensitive.

· Mehrschichtige Leiterplatten

Multilayer PCBs can either be thin etched boards or trace layers.

In jedem Fall benötigen beide eine Bonding Bay-Laminierung.

Taconic laminates for multilayer PCB follows this procedure:

i. The internal layers of the multilayer PCB are usually subjected to an extreme temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, it requires a pressure of between 275 to 400 psi.

ii. The multilayer PCB can cure as the temperature is kept high.

iii. Finally, slowly release the heat and cool the lamination material.

· Sequentielle Laminierung

Diese Laminierungstechnologie ist nützlich, wenn die Leiterplatte zwei oder mehr Untergruppen hat.

After creating the subsets using a separate process, Interpose a dielectric substance between each pair of subsets.

Wenn Sie fertig sind, führen Sie standardmäßige Herstellungsverfahren durch.

Sie sollten ein Laminierverfahren wählen, das für die Feinheiten Ihrer Anwendung geeignet ist.

What Determines the Thickness of Taconic Tly-5?

You can get the thickness of Taconic tly-5 using fabric and density weight calculation.

You should expect to get some variance in your calculation, as much as five percent.

Total weight is the most probable way of finding total Taconic tly-5 thickness.

A single fabric may possess a different finished weight.

This may bring about a variation in the thickness of the final product.

Therefore, to determine the accurate thickness of Taconic tly-5, you should always base your analysis on the final total weight.



Is Taconic Tly-5 suitable for High-frequency PCBs?

Yes, Taconic tly-5 materials and many hybrid builds are often compatible.

This makes them suitable for high-frequency PCBs.

Why do you Reinforce Taconic Tly-5 with Glass Fabric?

You should reinforce Taconic Tly-5 with glass fabric due the following reasons:

  • Zur Erhöhung der Stabilität in der X- und Y-Achse und Erhöhung der Steifigkeit.
  • Das Glasgewebe hat eine hohe Temperaturbeständigkeit.
  • Es ist beständig gegen chemische Korrosion.
  • Glasgewebe hat eine gute Stabilität, hohe Festigkeit sowie gute mechanische Eigenschaften.
  • Es hat eine hohe Isolationseigenschaft.
  • Es ist antistatisch und UV-beständig.
  • Glasgewebe ist hitzebeständig und feuerfest.

How do you Choose the Glass Fabric used in Taconic Tly-5?

The choice of fiberglass used in Taconic tly-5 will depend on:

  • Thickness that the fiberglass fabric will contribute to the finished Taconic laminate.
  • Amount of resin that the fiberglass holds for filling and bonding.
  • Thickness of the circuit board.
  • The stiffness of the circuit board.
  • Dielektrizitätskonstante.
  • CTE-Steuerung
  • Dimensionsstabilität.
  • Die Kosten.

How do you Prevent Damage and Deformation of Taconic Tly-5?

Folgendes sollten Sie beachten:

  • Do not scrub the material mechanically as this will stretch and deform it.

To avoid this, use chemical cleaning to achieve dimensional accuracy of the process and prevent distortion.

  • It is not recommended to lift a Taconic laminate on one side as you may cause the material to slide or stretch the copper.

You should lift the Taconic Tly-5 using the two parallel edges.

  • Verhindern Sie Schmutzablagerungen und Flecken auf dem Taconic-Laminat, indem Sie es mit Schutzhandschuhen und Gleitunterlagen handhaben.
  • Do not put Taconic laminates on top of each other to avoid debris on the surface of the laminate.

What is the Importance of Copper Foil used in Taconic tly-5?

Some of the benefits of using copper foil on Taconic tly-5 include:

  • Es wird verwendet, um Signale von einem Teil der Leiterplatte zu einem anderen zu übertragen.
  • Es dient als Energie- und Erdungsschicht.
  • Es verbindet die verschiedenen Geräte in der Leiterplatte, Eingänge und Ausgänge, die die Leiterplatte in ihrer Anwendung funktionieren lassen.
  • Die Kupferfolie trägt dazu bei, unerwünschte Wärme von Leistungsgeräten abzuführen.

How do you Choose Copper Foil Type for Taconic Tly-5?

The copper foil type or weight will be dependent on the following factors:

  • Anforderungen an die Belastbarkeit: The board’s power handling requirements will determine the type of copper foil to use.

Für Hochleistungsanwendungen sollten Sie dicke Kupferfolie verwenden.

Use the thin copper foils should if you have lower power applications.

  • Größe und Abstand: use thinner copper foil when the lines spacing is narrow.

Schwungvolle Linien und breitere Abstände erfordern dagegen eine dickere Kupferfolie.

  • Eigenschaften Impedanz und Leitungsverlust: the cross-sectional area of the copper foil affects Taconic laminate thickness, and its dialectic constant.
  • Hitze: the amount of heat requirement will determine the copper foil type or weight.

This is even critical for inner layers.

Dickere Kupferfolien haben im Vergleich zu dünneren Kupferfolien eine höhere Wärmeableitungskapazität.

How much do Taconic Tly-5 cost?

Taconic tly-5 costs will vary depending on lamination, material categories, stability, and material category.

The price of Taconic tly-5 ranges between  $20 and $50 per piece.

Once you consider everything I have mentioned in this guide, you will definitely get high-performance Taconic Tly-5 material.

However, in case you have any questions, feel free to contact Venture Electronics team.

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