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Shengyi S1170

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Which thermal properties have a noticeable effect on Shengyi S1170?

The thermal performance Shengyi S1170 laminate also has a huge impact on the operation of the PCB.You need to choose the right PCB for different temperature requirements and different applications use.

Here are the main thermal properties you must be aware of when selecting a Shengyi S1170 laminate.
●CTE Linearity & Specific heat capacity
●Thermal Conductivity & Glass transition temperature
●Decomposition temperature & Flammability


What is the storage conadition of Shengyi S1170?

●Three Months when stored at <5℃ and < 50% RH
●Six months when stored at <5℃ ,Normalize in room temperature for at least 4 h before using .

●Beware of moisture ,always keep wrapped in damp-proof material.
●kept in normal condition ,prepreg might absorb moisture and its bonding stength woulld be weakened
●Avoid UV-rays and strong light.

Are the materials used to manufacture Shengyi S1170 laminates durable?

The board has excellent thermal stability and can be used under high temperature.absolutely, the materials we use are very durable and will serve you for a long time.

Most of the materials we use are highly resistant to corrosion and weathering.
This means that the materials are strong enough to withstand the effects of water and UV rays.


Shengyi s1170 description

At Venture, we manufacture the best quality Shengyi s1170 with excellent thermal resistance. In manufacturing our Shengyi s1170, we make sure to use our latest manufacturing equipment and tools. We also focus on making innovations so we can give you top-quality Shengyi s1170.

As a professional manufacturer, we also offer Shengyi s1170 with a great deal and services. Therefore, you can trust Venture as your no.1 supplier!

Ihr führender Shengyi S1170 Lieferant in China

Shengyi s1170 article

For over 10 years, Venture is committed to manufacturing high-quality Shengyi s1170. Because of that, we became the most trusted supplier in China.

We designed Shengyi s1170 with lots of optimized features. Among those features includes:

  • Bleifreies kompatibles FR-4-Laminat
  • Geringe Wasseraufnahme
  • High Tg 170˚C (DSC)
  • Low Z-axis CTE
  • Ausgezeichnete thermische Stabilität
  • Hervorragende Anti-CAF-Leistung
  • Superior volume resistivity
  • Ausgezeichnete Wärmebeständigkeit

To give you the best performance, we incorporate our Shengyi s1170 with excellent flexural strength, peel strength, and more. Typical applications of our Shengyi s1170 includes:

  • Router
  • Precise apparatus and instrument
  • Kommunikationsausrüstung
  • Computer
  • High-count layer PCB

Shengyi s1170 article 1

Venture has been an expert supplier of Shengyi s1170 since 2010. With our tech support and marketing team, we assure to meet your demands and expectations.

We are committed to improving our services from design, layout, and production. Venture offers unparalleled services that you never experienced before.

Here at Venture, we provide the best preconditions to offer Shengyi s1170 with speed, price, and possibilities. We also offer affordable rates, flexible payment terms, best delivery options, without MOQ to support your projects and business.

If you are a retailer or software engineer, Venture is your best manufacturer!

Contact us now for your orders!

Shengyi S1170h: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


If you’re looking for any information about Shengyi S1170h PCB material, you will find it right here.

From properties, processing, quality test, and advantages among other vital aspects – this guide covers everything you need to know about Shengyi s1170h PCB-Materialien.

Keep reading to earn more.

What are Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

Sengyi Laminate

Shengyi Laminate

Shengyi S1170h is a type of laminate that you will use to bond different layers of Leiterplatten.

It also has special characteristics and features that improve the overall efficiency of different types of machines.

What are the Quality Certifications to Consider When Purchasing Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

As you purchase your Shengyi S1170h laminates, you must make sure that they are of very high quality.

Implying that, there are particular quality certificates that your Shengyi S1170h laminates must adhere to.

Here are the main quality certifications that you must consider on the Shengyi S1170h.

  • Qualitätszertifikat MIL-PRF-31032
  • UL-Qualitätszertifizierung für Leiterplatten
  • 31032 GI 8-lagiges Qualitätszertifikat
  • RoHS-Qualitätszertifizierungen
  • IPC-Qualitätszertifizierungen
  • TS-16949 Qualitätszertifizierungen
  • IATF16949: 2016 Qualitätszertifizierungen

Which Applications Can You Apply the Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

You will use Shengyi S1170h laminates to help in the construction of printed circuit boards.

With the help of components on the printed circuit board, you can perform a number of functions in different applications.

Here are some of the applications where Shengyi S1170h laminates come in handy.

Multilayer Printed Circuit Board Applications

You will use Shengyi S1170h to help in bonding multiple layers of printed circuit boards.

It has special characteristics that help in enhancing the working principles of the multilayer PCBs.

Mehrschichtiges PCB-Design

Mehrschichtiges PCB-Design

Computer Anwendungen

You will also use Shengyi S1170h laminates to construct appliances that build the motherboard of the computers.

The motherboard will help in the execution of different commands hence resulting in successful operations.


You will also use the Shengyi S1170h laminates to build communication equipment thar relay and receive information clearly.

It helps in increasing the speed of commands on the communication devices thus boosting the overall efficiency.

Instrument Routers

In order to boost particular instruments, you might need a router to improve the communication signals.

Your instrument routers have Shengyi S1170h laminates which help in processing data for more efficient operations.

What are the Features of the Shengyi S1170h laminates?

Shengyi S1170h laminates are unique on their own standards due to specific unique features.

Here are the main unique features of the Shengyi S1170h laminates that you should consider.

Bleifreie Kompatibilität

Shengyi S1170h is the most compatible types of laminates that you can use in lead free applications.

It is the most compatible type of laminate that you can use with FR-4 material among other materials.

High Glass Transition Temperature

You will also experience greater transition temperatures with Shengyi S1170h laminates standing at 170 degrees centigrade.

Implying that it will take very high temperatures reaching 170 degrees centigrade to change the state of Shengyi S1170h laminates.

Hervorragende thermische Stabilität

You can use Shengyi S1170h laminates in high temperature applications with no worries of ever destroying the laminate.

It has excellent thermal stability and will work well under high temperatures even though you must know the heat limits.

Great Anti-CAF Resistance

In addition to the performance characteristics, Shengyi S1170h laminates also have great resistance to erosion.

In other words, it is very strong and will not be affected by corrosion agents thus boosting the Anti-CAF performance.

How Do You Test the Shengyi S1170h laminates?

There are different methods that you can use in the process of testing Shengyi S1170h laminates.

The most common methods that you can employ in the testing process are:

Vorrichtungsprüfung von Shengyi-Laminaten

This is the best mode of testing that you will use in the process of testing laminates under very high production volumes.

You will need pins and wires which will help in holding the laminates within the right space for testing purposes.

Some of the benefits that you will derive from this method is less time spent and lower cost of conducting tests.

The disadvantage of this method is the fact that you will go through a lot of difficulty in testing flexible laminates.

Most of the flexible and rigid flex Shengyi S1170h do not have mounting holes thus making them difficult to test.

Manuelle Prüfung von Shengyi-Laminaten

Manual testing is one the simplest modes of testing Shengyi S1170h laminates that you can opt for.

You will, however, use a digital voltmeter which helps in the testing process of the laminates.

The only problem with thus method is the fact it is time consuming and might develop complications.

Flying Probe Test of Shengyi Laminates

By far, using the flying probe test to test the integrity and quality of Shengyi S1170h is the best.

In this test, you don’t need fixtures thus making it suitable for flexible and rigid flex applications.

Apart from that, it consumes less time as you will not be mounting the laminates using fixation holes.

You can use it to test the smallest types of multilayer Shengyi S1170h laminates without risk of misregistration.

In addition to that, you can use this method in testing single- and double-sided types of Shengyi S1170h laminates.

The only disadvantage that comes with this method is the fact that it is time consuming.

Which properties Do You Look at When Testing Shengyi S1170h?

During the testing process of Shengyi S1170h laminates, there are particular test items you will look at.

Here are the main test items that you should pay very close attention to during the testing process.


Hohe Tg

Hohe Tg

You will test the glass transition temperature which varies from one type of Shengyi laminate to another.

Glass transition temperatures of Shengyi S1170h will remain at 175 degrees centigrade under DSC treatment conditions.

Heat or Thermal Properties



You will also test the thermal or heat properties by looking at different aspects such as flammability and thermal stress.

Obviously, you should expect the thermal properties to vary depending on the type of Shengyi S1170h you are using.

Volumen- und Oberflächenwiderstand

In this test, you will confirm the limits that Shengyi S1170h laminates can reach in terms of material volume and surface resistance.

You have to be very careful during this test and ensure all the parameters especially after moisture resistance.

Strength of the Laminates

In this case, you will have to test the laminates on aspects such as peel strength, and flexural strength.

The peel strength and flexural strength will vary from one type of Shengyi S1170h laminate to another.


Moisture absorption properties of Shengyi S1170

Moisture absorption of Shengyi S1170 PCB Laminate

You should also have a keen look at the rate of moisture absorption on different types of Shengyi S1170h laminates.

Basically, Shengyi S1170h laminates are highly impermeable and only allows very little amounts of moisture in.

What is the Process of Laminating PCBs Using Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

You can simply laminate your multilayer printed circuit boards using the Shengyi S1170h laminates.

The process is quite simple as you have to adhere to the right pressure and temperature requirements.

Here is a complete guide on how you can laminate PCBs using Shengyi S1170h laminates.

Step One: Material Preparation

First, you will gather all the materials that you need for the purpose of laminating using Shengyi S1170h.

The most important materials in this process are Shengyi S1170h laminates and the printed circuit boards.

In addition to that, you will need the lamination machine which will help in fostering the bonds.

Step Two: Layering the Materials

Here, you will begin the lamination process by lacing the materials together in a particular sequence.

You will begin the whole process with Shengyi S1170h laminates and then place a printed circuit board.

The sequence will follow a similar protocol all the way to the final layer of Shengyi S1170h laminate.

Schritt drei: Laminierungsprozess

This is the most crucial stage that involves using the lamination machine to bond the laminate to the PCBs.

You will place the multiple layers of Shengyi S1170h laminates and boards in the lamination machine.

After that, you will set the temperatures of the machine at 185 degrees centigrade.

Apart from that, you will also tune the machine to exert force at high pressure ranging between 200 and 300 psi.

Allow the machine to laminate the PCB for some time before drying while maintain the high pressure.

As soon as it is ready, you will proceed with cooling as you release pressure from the system at a very slow rate.

Finally, you will produce a perfectly laminated printed circuit board using Shengyi S1170h laminates.

How Does Shengyi S1170h Compare to Shengyi 1141 Laminates?

Most of the Shengyi laminates share particular characteristics even though there are slight differences.

You can either choose to use Shengyi S1170h laminates or Shengyi S1141 laminates on multilayer PCBs.

Apart from that, you will use both of them in lead free applications with FR-4 being the main materials.

One of the greatest differences is in the glass transition temperatures.

Shengyi S1170h has a higher glass transition temperature of 170 degrees centigrade.

Auf der anderen Seite, Shengyi S1141 laminates have lower glass transition temperatures of about 140 degrees centigrade.

In addition to that, both Shengyi laminates have very low rates of water absorption thus making the suitable for hydra applications.

What are the Advantages of Using the Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

Shengyi S1170h laminates are among the best types of Shengyi laminates that you can ever chose to use.

There are numerous benefits that you can draw just from using Shengyi S1170h laminates.

Here are some of the benefits that you will enjoy just by using the Shengyi S1170h.

High Temperature Tolerance

You can use Shengyi S1170h laminates on machines that work under extreme temperature conditions.

This is because the Shengyi S1170h laminates have great thermal stability and will not break under thermal stress.

Niedrige Wasseraufnahmeraten

You will also enjoy working with the laminates even under great moisture laden conditions without affecting overall performance.

It has very low rates of water or moisture absorption thus making them efficient for manufacturing waterproof materials.

High Durability Rates

In addition to the above benefits, you will use Shengyi S1170h laminates for a long period without making replacements.

The materials for manufacturing Shengyi S1170h laminates are very strong and are resistant to corrosion.

Do Shengyi S1170h Laminates Exhibit any form of Limitations?

Unfortunately, Shengyi S1170h laminates exhibit a certain degree of limitations.

Here are some of the limitations that you might experience when using the Shengyi S1170h laminates.

High Initial Cost of Purchase

You will spend more in the process of purchasing the Shengyi S1170h laminates due to the complicated machining process.

Implying that, you will spend a lot of resources in the manufacturing process of the laminates thus making them expensive.

Are the Shengyi S1170h Laminates Weather Resistant?

Yes, Shengyi S1170h laminates are weather resistant and can work under the effect of sunlight and rain.

In other words, Shengyi S1170h laminates are water resistant and can also block the effects of UV radiation.

A combination of the above factors only increases the durability as well as the weather resistance properties.

Which Materials Do You Use in the Manufacturing Process of Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

You can use different types of materials in the manufacturing process of Shengyi S1170h laminates.

The most common materials that you can choose in the manufacturing process of Shengyi S1170h materials are:

  • FR4-Materialien for manufacturing Shengyi S1170h laminates such as high frequency FR4 materials
  • Epoxy materials such as high glass transition temperature epoxy as well as BT epoxy
  • Copper materials which make up the conductive parts such as copper clad materials
  • Teflonmaterialien

Do You have Different Types of Surface Finishes for Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

Yes, we have quite a number of surface finishes that you can choose for the Shengyi S1170h laminates.

It is important to look at the type of surface finishes to improve the image of your Shengyi S1170h laminates.

Hier sind die wichtigsten types of PCB Surface finishes dass Sie wählen können.

  • Oberflächenbeschaffenheit mit Heißluftlötebene (HASL).
  • Bleifreie HASL-Oberflächenveredelung
  • Oberflächenveredelung mit organischem Lötbarkeitsschutzmittel (OSP).
  • Immersionssilber (Au) Oberflächenfinish
  • Oberflächenveredelung aus Immersionszinn (Sn).
  • Chemisches Nickel-Immersions-Gold (ENIG) Oberflächenfinish
  • Oberflächenveredelung aus stromlosem Nickel, stromlosem Palladium-Immersionsgold (ENEPIG).
  • Mit elektrolytischem Draht verbindbares Gold-Oberflächenfinish
  • Elektrolytisches Hartgold-Oberflächenfinish

Why Should You Import Shengyi S1170h Laminates from China?

China is the biggest manufacturer of Shengyi laminates in the world.

You should consider purchasing your Shengyi S1170h laminates from China.

Here are the main reasons that should compel you to look at China as main shopping destination.

Low Cost of Laminates

You will spend less in getting very high-quality types of Shengyi S1170h laminates.

This is because they have access to low-cost materials, and labor thus reducing the overall cost of production.

High Quality Laminates

Despite the low cost, you will realize that the Shengyi laminates from China are of very high quality.

This is because they use high quality materials, experienced labor, and state of the art machinery.

Tolle Infrastruktur

In addition to the state-of-the-art machinery, you will also enjoy shopping in China due to ease of communication and transport.

China has some of the best roads, sea ports and airports that you can use to transport laminates to other places.

Can You have More than One Dielectric Constant on the Shengyi s1170h?

Yes, there are situations when the dielectric constant on one end of the laminate is different from the other end.

This is because the mode of construction of the laminates may be different thus resulting in varying dielectric constants.

Apart from that, the materials that you will use may also be different thus resulting in great variation.

You should, however, note that the dielectric constant does not have a wide variation.

How Much Do Shengyi S1170h Cost?

Well, the cost of Shengyi S1170h laminates varies between 0.10 to 5 US dollars depending on a number of factors.

One of the greatest factors that affect the overall cost of Shengyi S1170h laminates is the quality.

High quality Shengyi S1170h laminates will cost a lot more than the low-quality laminates.

Apart from that, the price will increase with an increase in the quantity of Shengyi S1170h laminates you order.

Can You Use Shengyi S1170h Laminates on Flexible and Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards?

Yes, you can use Shengyi S1170h laminates on both flexible and rigid flex printed circuit boards.

They are flexible enough to an extent where they can assume the flexibility of both flexible and rigid flex PCBs.

What are the Classifications of the Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

You can classify the Shengyi S1170h laminates according to different features.

Here are some of the modes of classification for Shengyi S1170h laminates.

  • Classification in accordance to the reinforced materials
  • Classification according to the types of resin
  • Classification according to the properties of flame retardance.

What is the Significance of V-Scoring on the Shengyi S1170h Laminates?

V-scoring is a process that you should avoid on Shengyi S1170h laminates.

This is because the Shengyi S1170h is for multilayer PCBs and are too soft and fibrous.

V-scoring will, therefore, not hold up well when you use it on Shengyi S1170h laminates.

At Venture Electronics, we supply high quality Shengyi S117Oh PCB material.

Depending on your unique specifications, we will supply you with the right Shengyi PCB material - Kontaktieren Sie uns jetzt.

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