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Why Nelco N4000-13 delamination and how to solve?

From the overall phenomenon, delamination mainly occurs in high-level boards, and the position of delamination is relatively fixed, mainly because the PGA pitch pitch is small and the BGA dense area.

Since lead-free soldering technology is widely used, compared with traditional tin-lead soldering, lead-free soldering technology is much higher in reflow and wave soldering temperature, requires higher heat resistance of materials, and the average operating time of reflow is prolonged.

For more than 20s, the welding heat increases sharply, and the damage to the pcb increases sharply.

how-to-solve N4000-13-delamination

What is the key feather of Nelco n4000-13

Tg >210ºC, excellent thermal, electrical and signal loss characteristics
– Precise thickness control for tight tolerance impedance applications
Beständig gegen CAF

– Low Z-CTE and improved CAF resistance provide long-term reliability for RF and digital applications
Signal Integrity Options

– For low-loss applications and enhanced performance, SI® glass is suitable

What are the best storage conditions for Nelco n4000-13

Sie können Nelco n4000-13 unbegrenzt bei Raumtemperatur lagern, da das dielektrische Material gegenüber hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit inert ist.
In einigen Fällen kann es jedoch aufgrund hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit zu Kupferkorrosion kommen.

In diesem Fall können Sie das Kupfer entfernen, indem Sie eine Vorreinigung durchführen.
In addition to this, you can avoid corrosion by properly baking the PCB with Nelco laminates before storage.

You must also store Nelco Laminate flat in a clean and dry area.


Venture is an expert manufacturer and supplier of Nelco n4000-13 in China for over 10 years now. Our advanced manufacturing facilities, tools, and equipment allow us to produce the highest-range of Nelco n4000-13 with the following features:

  • Bleifreie Montage kompatibel
  • Tg >210ºC, outstanding signal, electrical, thermal loss properties
  • CAF-Beständigkeit
  • Buried capacitance options and signal integrity
  • High-TgFR-4 processing

Ihr führender Nelco n4000-13 Lieferant in China

Venture Nelco n4000-13 is a multifunctional high-speed epoxy prepreg and laminate. Our Nelco n4000-13 is a series of an enhanced epoxy resin system.

We manufacture Nelco n4000-13 that offers both high-speed signal and outstanding thermal loss properties.

Our Nelco n4000-13 is designed with lead-free assembly compatibility. Therefore, it is ideally suitable for any assemblies with maximum of 245°C reflow temperature.

It is also designed with outstanding electrical, signal, and thermal loss properties. This means that our Nelco n4000-13 has a superior thickness control for a tight tolerance impedance application.

It is also equipped with low Dk and Df for a low signal distortion. It can also offer a faster signal propagation that is demanded by high-reliability and high-frequency applications.

Besides, Venture manufacture Nelco n4000-13 with excellent features such as CAF resistance, buried capacitance option, signal integrity, high-Tg FR-4 processing, and more.

Because of its excellent features, our Nelco n4000-13 can be best applicable for:

  • Routing systems
  • Internet switching
  • High-speed storage networks
  • Feinlinien-Multilayer
  • Backplanes
  • High-speed services
  • Oberflächenmontierte Multilayer
  • Drahtlose Kommunikationsinfrastruktur
  • BGA-Multilayer
  • CSP attachment
  • MCM-Ls

Our Nelco n4000-13 is manufactured in-house without outsourcing. Therefore, Venture can offer you a Nelco n4000-13 at an affordable rate. Venture also offers efficient services and punctual deliveries.

Whether you’re a retailer, distributor, system designer, or electrical engineer, you can purchase your Nelco n4000-13 orders at Venture! We have more than 10 years or experience in manufacturing Nelco n4000-13. Thus, you can trust Venture as your supplier!

We also offer flexible payment terms for your Nelco n4000-13 without MOQ. If you plan to purchase wholesale or single quantity Nelco n4000-13, Venture is always ready to provide your needs!

Indeed, Venture can help you bring your projects and business to the market successfully! We can be your best partner!

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Nelco n4000-13: Der ultimative FAQ-Leitfaden


This guide covers all the vital information about Nelco n4000-13 PCB material such as features, properties, benefits, recommended thickness, and applications, among other vital aspects.

So, if you want to be an expert in these Nelco PCB laminate materials, read this guide.

Was sind Nelco n4000-13 Laminate?

Nelco n4000 -13 laminates are enhanced epoxy resin systems that provide high speed and great thermal stability.

Apart from that, the design also provides the printed circuit boards with very low signal loss properties.

Nelco PCB-Laminat


How Does the Nelco n4000-13 Compare to Nelco n4000-13SI?

Well, Nelco n4000 -13 and Nelco n4000 – 13SI are parts of the Nelco n4000 subcategories.

Nelco n4000-13 and Nelco n4000 – 13 SI are both epoxy laminates that provide very high-speed operations.

Apart from that, both types of Nelco n4000 laminates exhibit great thermal stability with low signal losses.

Despite the similarities, Nelco n4000- 13 SI has greater signal integrity in comparison to Nelco n4000 – 13.

You can, therefore, use Nelco n4000 – 13 SI in applications that require greater signal integrity.

Apart from that, Nelco n4000 – 13 SI also exhibits great price impedance control as it maintains high reliability.

These properties isolate it from the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates that do not have the additional properties.

Which Features Make Up the Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?

You can identify Nelco n4000 -13 laminates by looking at the features of the laminate.

Here are some of the features that you should look at for easy identification.

· Compatibility to Lead-Free Assemblies

You can use it for assemblies that have maximum reflow temperatures of about 245 degrees centigrade.

It produces great results in reflow conditions at temperatures reaching 260 degrees centigrade.

This will, however, depend greatly on the design of the printed circuit board and manufacturing processes.

· Outstanding Electrical, Signal Loss and Thermal Properties

It has great control of thickness for tighter tolerance impedance applications with low differential factor and dielectric constants.

These properties promote faster signal distortion as well as great signal transfers for high reliability and high frequency applications.

· CAF2 Magensaft-resistente

It has proven CAF2 resistance which will provide you with long term reliability for both digital and RF applications.

· Optionen für vergrabene Kapazität und Signalintegrität

You can also opt for Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates that have buried capacitance as well as great signal integrity options.

This option will enhance the electrical performance in demanding applications in different PCB densities and thicknesses.

· Variety of Constructions

You will also find widespread variants of different construction designs for the Nelco n4000 -13 laminates.

For instance, you can opt for the vacuum laminated Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates with varying glass styles and copper weights.

What are the Quality Certifications of Nelco n4000 -13 Laminates?

You need to check on the quality of the Nelco n4000 -13 laminates before you make a purchase.

Checking the quality certifications will help you protect your devices from low quality and unsafe products.

Here are some of the quality certifications you ought to look at on the Nelco n4000 -13 laminates.

  • RoHS-Qualitätszertifizierung
  • UL-Qualitätszertifizierungen
  • ISO 9001:2015 & AS9100D Quality Certifications
  • CE-Qualitätszertifizierungen

These are among the greatest quality certifications you ought to have on the Nelco n4000- 13 laminates.

What is the Dielectric Constant of the Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?



Dielectric constant id the ratio between the electric permeability of materials to the electric permeability of free space.

The dielectric constant varies from one type of Nelco n4000 -13 laminate to another.

There are quite a lot of factors that contribute to the variation in dielectric constants such as the type of materials.

Apart from that, the value of the dielectric constant on the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates also depend on the capacitor model.

For instance, you can opt to have a Nelco n4000 – 13 laminate that has a dielectric constant of 3.6 @ 10GHz.

What is the Dissipation Factor of Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?

The dissipation factor is the measure of the rate of how much energy is lost in a mode of dissipative systems.

The dissipation factor of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates also varies from one type of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates to another.

The variation is also as a result of the type of materials you will use for manufacturing Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

The most common Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates have a dissipation factor of 0.008 @ 10 GHz.

What are the Main Applications of the Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?

You will use the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates to perform different functions on varying applications.

Here are some of the applications where the Nelco n4000 – 13 come in handy.

  • Bonding of Fine Line Multilayers
  • Bonding of Backplanes
  • Surface Mounting of Multi-layers
  • BGA Multilayer Bonding
  • Attachment of CSPs
  • Bonding of PCBs on High-Speed Storage networks
  • Construction of Wireless Communication Devices such as mobile phones

Which Materials Do You Use to Manufacture Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?

There are quite a number of materials that you can use in the manufacture of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

These materials exhibit great thermal resistance properties and give options for better signal integrity.

Apart from that, they have low dissipation factors and dielectric constants leading to the formation of high-frequency Nelco n4000 -13 laminates.

The main materials that you can use in the manufacture of Nelco n4000- 13 laminates are:

  • BT Epoxy Resins Materials for Lead-free multilayer PCBs
  • Polyimide Materials for flexible and rigid-flex Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates
  • Copper Clad Laminate Materials for Nelco n4000 – 13 Laminate in high voltage circuits
  • Teflon Materials for high-frequency Nelco n4000 – 13 Laminates

You will use these materials to manufacture Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates that exhibit extraordinary features.

Are the Nelco n4000-13 Laminates Environmentally Friendly?

Yes, Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are environmentally friendly.

You can use the freely7 without fear of polluting the environment.

It comes complete with particular features that will protect the environment.

For instance, you will find Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates that are suitable for lead-free applications.

It implies that the Nelco n4000 -13 laminates do not contain the harmful lead materials that pollute the environment.

Apart from that, Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates go through a thorough inspection and adhere to RoHS quality certification requirements.

How Many Varieties of Construction are Available for Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?

There are different varieties of constriction for the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

Here are some of the varieties of construction for the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

  • Construction using different glass types, copper weights, and low-profile copper materials
  • Capacitive laminates with 2 mil core products
  • Vacuum Lamination Construction

What are the Properties to Consider in Nelco n4000-13 Construction?

When choosing a Nelco n4000 – 13 laminate, you should look at the properties of the laminate.

The main properties that you should look at when choosing Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are.

· Mechanische Eigenschaften

The mechanical properties of the Nelco n4000 -13 laminates vary from one type of laminate to another.

When looking at the mechanical properties, you should look at peel strength, poison’s ratio, specific heat and thermal conductivity.

· Elektrische Eigenschaften

You should also understand that the electrical properties will not be similar and will vary accordingly.

The main electrical properties to look at are dissipation factors, dielectric constants, volume resistivity, surface resistivity and electric strength among others.

· Chemical Properties

It is also important to look at how the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminate materials will react to other chemical substances.

Here, you will look at factors such as rate of moisture absorption, methylene chloride resistance and density at 50% resin content.

· Thermische Eigenschaften

You must look at particular factors that affect the transmission of heat through the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

Here you will look at the glass transition temperature, degradation temperature, as well as pressure cooker temperature among others.

What Advantages Make the Nelco n4000-13 Laminates Unique?

Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are unique types of laminates that come complete with numerous benefits to boost your application requirements.

Some of the benefits you will experience by using the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are.

· Hohe Haltbarkeitsstufen

Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are highly durable and will serve you for a very long period.

You will use it for ages without fear that it might fail or breakdown during the production processes.

· High Tensile Strength

Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are also very strong materials that have great tensile strength.

It can withstand the pull and push pressure without giving in and causing damages on the PCBs.

· Große thermische Stabilität

It also has the ability to remain stable even under very high-temperature conditions.

You can use it in different demanding conditions with high temperatures and it will maintain its form.

· Light in Weight

It also has a very lightweight that reduces the overall weight of the final products.

Despite the robust nature, Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are light in weight thus making them as mobile as possible.

How Does Nelco n4000-13 Compare to Nelco n4000-13 EP?

Nelco n4000 – 13 and Nelco n4000 – 13EP belong to the wide category of Nelco n4000 laminates.

Implying that both of them use similar materials in the production process of the Nelco n4000- 13 laminates.

On that note, Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates include lead as part of the materials.

On the other hand, Nelco n4000 -13 EP has environmental protection properties.

It implies that the Nelco n4000 – 13 EP does not have lead materials which are harmful to the environment.

In addition to that, Nelco n4000 – 13 EP has better signal integrity in comparison to Nelco n4000 – 13.

What is the Thickness of the Nelco n4000-13 Laminate?

You should understand that Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates are available in different sizes depending on application requirements.

Implying that, the thickness of the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates also vary according to the application requirements.

In other words, there is no specific thickness for the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

You will dictate the thickness of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates that you need for your application.

What is the Process of Laying the Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?

Well, the process of laying Nelco n4000 – 13 laminate is simply the process of laminating multilayer PCBs.

The process begins with the preparation of all the raw materials such as multilayer PCBs, and Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates among others.

Apart from that, you must have a lamination machine that allows you to control the lamination parameters.

You will start by placing the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates on the multiple layers of the printed circuit boards.

After that, you will place it under the lamination machine and set the condition s to:

  • The pressure between 275 and 400 psi
  • The temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit

You must also adhere to the time requirements where the machine will automatically know the process is complete.

As soon as the time elapses, the machine will proceed to curing the laminate at high temperature and pressure.

As soon as the curing process is complete, you will dry the laminate on the PCB at high temperatures while releasing the pressure.

As soon as the product are dry enough, you will remove it and proceed with lamination of  other multilayer PCBs.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Nelco n4000-13 Laminates?



You should understand that the cost of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates vary due to a number of different factors.

Here are some of the factors that will affect the price you will pay for Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

Quantity of Nelco n4000 – 13 Laminates

Here, you will look at the number of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates that you will purchase.

Remember that the prices will increase with an increase in the quantity of Nelco n4000 -13 laminates.

Quality of Nelco n4000 – 13 Laminates

In this case, you will also look at the quality of the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

The higher the quality of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates, the more money you will pay for them.

Size or Dimensions of Nelco n4000 – 13 Laminates

There are different sizes of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates that you can simply choose from at different prices.

The bigger or greater the dimensions of the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates, the higher the cost you will pay.

Type of Nelco n4000 – 13 Laminates

Well, the cost will also vary depending on the different types of Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

You will pay a different price for Nelco n4000 – 13 then the price you will pay for Nelco n4000 – 13 SI.

Generally, the cost pf Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates ranges between 5 and 10 US dollars.

How Do Nelco n4000-13 Manufacturers Support OEM Business?

Nelco n4000 – 13 laminate manufacturers adhere to and support OEM business by purchasing their raw materials.

The manufactures go straight to the original equipment manufacturers to get very high-quality raw materials.

After that, the manufacturers use the raw materials in the production of High-quality Nelco n4000 – 13 laminates.

Apart from that, the Nelco n4000 – 13 laminate manufacturers acknowledge the receipt of such raw materials from the OEM business.

Adding value to the raw materials to make final products such as Nelco n4000 -13 laminates also support OEM businesses.

As your leading supplier of Nelco PCB material, Venture Electronic offers a perfect solution for all your PCB fabrication needs.

Kontaktieren Sie uns for best prices on all Nelco n4000-13 material.

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