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LED-Leiste PCB

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Your Trusted LED Strip PCB Supplier in China


Venture ist ein professioneller Hersteller von  Leiterplatte für LED-Streifen in China for more than 10 years. Venture  Leiterplatte für LED-Streifen is manufactured using high-grade raw material. Through our cutting-edge technology, these  LED strip PCBs are highly accepted and passed by our customer’s standard.

Venture LED strip PCB is an electronically connected electronic component. Are you looking for the cheapest yet durable and quality Leiterplatte für LED-Streifen for your applications? The venture is the right place for you!

Depending on your applications, we can offer you a wide range of Leiterplatte für LED-Streifen at affordable prices. We strive to provide quality Leiterplatte für LED-Streifen as well as quality services. As the fastest growing industry, Venture has worked with different markets.

Your Leading LED strip PCB Manufacturer and Supplier in China

The venture is a reliable and trusted partner of  LED strip PCB devices. We are the leading supplier of a high-quality  LED strip PCB in this industry. You can always count Venture if you are in need of  LED strip PCB or any kind of PCB products. The venture will provide your needs according to your own specifications.


Providing a LED strip PCB is one of our business fields. Venture LED strip PCB is one of our most popular products. We use high-quality materials in fabricating our LED strip PCB products. And this will bring the following benefits and advantages:

  • It offers High usability in a variety of applications.
  • Providing cost-effectiveness.
  • Will lessen time in preparing for operations.
  • It has outstanding and best performance.


Venture LED strip PCB is so easy to program. It is a flexible PCB in a wide range of applications. Venture LED strip PCBs not only give the best performance but are also a durable and strong one. Venture LED strip PCB can show you outstanding characteristics.

We, Venture, can also customize your LED strip PCB needs according to your own details and requirements. Our range of LED strip PCB is strictly tested by the quality control before we make a final delivery to our customers.

Aside from LED strip PCB, we can also provide different kinds of PCB products like led tv PCB, led flex PCB, laptop PCB, Refrigerator PCB, led cube PCB, led chaser PCB, camera PCB, DVR PCB, transmitter PCB, moisture sensor PCB, and so on.


The venture is capable of manufacturing and fabricating a wide array of LED strip PCB through our advanced machines used in the manufacturing process. We are engaged in the PCBs industry for various years.

The venture has 10 years of experience in fabricating and manufacturing an LED strip PCB. We can immediately respond to any of your custom orders in a quick way. At this time, you can truly rely on Venture’s service for the betterment of your business.

Please get in touch on Venture, and you can send us your inquiries anytime!

LED-Streifen-PCB: Der ultimative FAQ-Leitfaden


Before choosing your next LED strip PCB, read this guide.

It has all information you’re looking for about LED strip PCB such as specification, design, features and components, just to mention a few.

Tauchen wir gleich ein.

Was ist LED-Streifen PCB?

An LED Strip PCB

An LED Strip PCB

LED means Light-Emitting Diode, a semiconductor diode.

LED strip PCBs are flexible circuit boards that have several SMD LEDs and resistors on them.

Here, you will solder the LED on a LED strip PCB that contains chips that generate light when electricity passes through them.

An LED strip PCB is a main element within the LED lighting industry and finds its application in several industries.

What Are The Applications Of An LED Strip PCB?

There are many applications of an LED strip PCB in the market today.

Some of these applications include the following:

  • Computer

LED strip PCBs are popular in computer usages as they find their application in areas like power devices, CPU, keyboard, etc.

  • Medizinische Industrie

The LED strip PCB finds its application in various medical devices within the medical industry.

This may include surgery equipment, etc.

  • Telekommunikation

Here, you will use the LED strip PCBs as displays and indicators in various telecommunication devices because of the surrounding equipment.

  • Automobilindustrie

Here, you can use the LED strip PCB to make indicators, brake lights, headlights, etc.

  • Unterhaltungsindustrie

These printed circuit boards can be used to create decorative light patterns within such establishments.

  • Luftfahrtindustrie

The LED strip PCB will provide a lighting solution on different elements in planes, both inside and outside.

  • Hauptanwendung

Here, you can use them in areas that need extra lightings such as bathrooms and pools.

Entertainment Establishments Can Use LED Strip PCBs For Additional Lighting

Entertainment Establishments Can Use LED Strip PCBs For Additional Lighting

What Are The Features Of An LED Strip PCB?

There are many features that an LED strip PCB has and they include the following:

  • Flexibel

The LED strip PCBs are fully flexible and you can bend them to fit your application.

Also, you can use them in small tight areas and even wrap them on differently-shaped objects.

  • Farbvariation

LED strip PCBs can produce white light and other light variations in the light spectrum.

  • Geeignete Größe

LED strip PCBs are thin and small meaning you can install them anywhere away from plain sight.

  • Possible to dim

An LED strip PCBs has the capacity that allows you to increase or reduce the brightness of the LEDs using dimmers.

  • Anpassbarer

An LED strip PCB is fully customizable meaning you can select the size, color, shape, and lighting mode suitable for your application.

  • Einfache Installation

LED strip PCBs are simple and easy to install as they have adhesive backing that enables sticking in any space.

  • Umweltschutz

LED strip PCBs can have a layer of protection from environmental elements such as moisture and dust.

This quality will increase their durability.

LED STrip PCB Are Customizable And very Flexible

LED Strip PCB Are Customizable And very Flexible

Welche Schichten sind in einer LED-Streifen-Leiterplatte verfügbar?

Bei der Auswahl Leiterplatten, you have variety in terms of layer number to flexibility.

Besides, each of these printed circuit boards has layers that influence their functionality and application.

Here are the main layers that you will find in an LED strip PCB:


This layer is composed of fiberglass that makes the board have a rigid structure.

Most printed circuit boards have this material as part of the substrate layer.

However, flexible PCBs such as LED strip PCB use flexible plastic material such as Kapton as the substrate layer.

Besides, you can make the substrate layer from different materials such as epoxy.

However, epoxy lacks the durability that an FR-4 offers in high-quality printed circuit boards.


This layer comes on top once you apply the copper layer.

Also, it is the solder mask layer that gives the LED strip PCB its distinct color, such as the color green or white.

Besides, it will protect the copper layer from experiencing short circuits with other elements or metals on the printed circuit board

It is also an important layer within the manufacturing stage while you solder different parts on the LED strip PCB.

This is because it assists the fabricator to solder the components in the correct places.


This is a thin copper foil layer that you will laminate on the LED strip PCB by applying heat.

When referring to layers within a PCB, you are referring to the number of copper layers available on the LED strip PCB.

For instance, a single-sided LED strip PCB has one conductive copper layer on one side of the board.

The other side has various electronic parts.

A double-sided LED strip PCB allows you to place the copper layer and electronic parts on both sides of the circuit board.

Also, the thickness of copper layers in LED strip PCBs depends on the power that the printed circuit board can withstand.

If the LED strip PCB needs to contain high power in its lifecycle, you will use thicker copper layers.


This layer is for us humans to understand the LED strip PCB and the functions of various parts.

For instance, it has letters, numbers, and symbols to assist in the identification and repairing process.

What Are Some Factors That Will Impact The Quality Of LED Strip PCBs?

An LED strip PCB is only as good as its quality and this is one reason why you should purchase them from reputable manufacturers.

Here are some factors that will affect the quality of an LED strip PCB:

Copper Wire Quality

The copper wires on the LED strip PCB ensure electric current flows seamlessly to all parts.

Using very thin copper wires will inhibit current to flow this the board will suffer from voltage drop or not operate at all.

Also using low-quality copper can hinder current flow and negatively affect the performance of the LED strip PCB.


Ensure you place all electronic components correctly on the LED strip PCB.

If you fail to do so, the LED strip PCB will not operate rendering it useless.

One way to ensure an accurate component placement is by utilizing a pick and place robot device.


Here, you are referring to the quality of the parts you will use when making an LED strip PCB.

For instance, when you use a high-quality resistor and LEDs, the LED strip PCB will stand out from the competition.

Not only will it meet the application needs but it will be durable.

When you use low-quality components, the printed circuit board will not last for long.


Always use the best material when making the LED strip PCB as it affects its performance and durability.

There Are Several Factors That Affect The Quality Of LED Strip PCB

 There Are  Several Factors That Affect The Quality Of A LED Strip PCB

Does An LED Strip PCB Come With Advantages?

Since electronic devices are becoming smaller with time, it is beneficial to use LED-Platinen to allow direct product assembly and sourcing.

The LED strip PCBs are suitable for consumer devices, medical machinery, aviation, etc.

An LED strip PCB has the following advantages:

  • The thermal conductivity is of a high capacity
  • It has a low and efficient power need
  • High moisture and dust resistance
  • Come in various strengths, colors, and size
  • Easy to install in complex interface assembly
  • Ability to tune the color temperature
  • It has the capacity to emit different lighting traits within your application

Are There LED Strip PCBs That Are Waterproof?

Yes, some types of LED strip PCBs can withstand the presence of water.

For instance, an IP65 waterproof LED strip PCB is suitable both indoor and outdoor applications.

Besides, there are other LED strip PCBs that are not waterproof thus are only suitable for use in areas with no moisture or dirt.

Check the IP rating of the LED strip PCB to confirm the level of protection it offers against moisture and dirt.

A Waterproof LED Strip PCB used In Automotives

A Waterproof LED Strip PCB use In Automotive

How Do You Fabricate An LED Strip PCB?

The steps that you will take when manufacturing an LED strip PCB include the following:

Material vorbereitung

In this phase, you will prepare the components and the printed circuit board and ensure they have no flaws.

The printed circuit board is flat and has copper pads without holes, also known as solder pads.


The stencil provides a stationary position enabling you to perform solder paste printing.

Also, the production process occurs in line with the solder pad design position on the circuit board.


In this phase, you use a solder paste to connect all components and solder pads on the printed circuit board.

The solder paste is usually a mixture of tin and flux.


The printed circuit board containing the print goes to the pick-and-place machine.

A conveyor system will relay them and you will proceed to place all the electronic parts accurately on the board.


The printed circuit board moves to the reflow soldering oven after you finish placing the components successfully.

Here, the board moves within a pre-heat area in the oven where the temperature of the circuit board and components increases gradually.

After that, it moves into the soak area where you maintain a steady temperature for a specific time.

Afterward, the reflow area allows the tin on the solder paste to melt thereby improving bonding on the LED strip PCB.

The final step involves cooling the solder thereby preventing defects on the joints.


This is the final phase that entails cleaning and repairing any flaws on the LED strip PCB before storage and shipping.

There Are Several Steps Involved In The Manufacture Of LED Strip PCB

There Are Several Steps Involved In The Manufacture Of LED Strip PCB

Will An LED Strip PCB Cause Interference With Electronics?

These printed circuit boards rarely produce noise or interference if you fit them accordingly.

Do The Numbers On An LED Strip PCB Have A Meaning?

There are four digits on the LED strip PCB which refers to the size of the chip, in millimeters.

For instance, a 5050 chip means it is 5.0mm by 5.0mm.

Also, these numbers give you an estimate of how many chips you can place on an LED strip PCB.

Numbers On LED Strip PCB Have A meaning

Numbers On LED Strip PCB Have A Meaning

Is It Possible To Repair An LED Strip PCB?

Here are the steps to fixing an LED strip PCB:

Securing The PCB

Once you know that there is a flaw with the LED strip PCB, secure the board before beginning the operation.

Use a hot gun glue close to the faulty component for a few seconds then use tweezers to remove the faulty component.


Once you remove the faulty pad or component, use a sharp knife, sharp-pointed screwdriver, or fine-grit sandpaper to eliminate any solder.

This allows you to fully expose the track, which appears clean and shiny.

Placing Copper Tape On The Track

Here, you will place copper adhesive tape on the area you just cleaned.

The tape should overlap the track and completely cover any thru-hole and part of the surrounding area.

Joint Soldering

This step entails soldering the joints carefully on the area that the copper tape attaches to the track on the LED strip PCB.

Some tips and warnings regarding this process entail the following:

  1. At soldering temperatures, the copper tape will melt rapidly thus only start when you are sure you can complete this process in a single run.
  2. Quickly apply minimal heat to lower the amount of heat that you apply on the board.

Restoring Thru-hole

Use another tool to press on the area after soldering and rub it to ensure a secure hold of the copper tape on the whole area pad.

In this phase, once you detect the area where a through-hole exists, use a small and sharp pin to punch a hole.

Component Placing And Soldering

After performing the tasks above, the LED strip PCB will be ready to receive the component replacement of choice.

Ensure the heating phase is as brief as possible since the new joint between the copper and track may be fragile.

Trim Surplus Tape

Here, you will use a craft knife or scissors to trim excess copper tape to the size of the final finish repair.

Besides, the joint may restore the functionality of the LED strip PCB, but the pads, joints, and tracks may not be structurally sound.

What Components Will You Find On An LED Strip PCB?

The parts you will find within an LED strip PCB include the following:

Siliziumgesteuerter Gleichrichter

These components simulate two transistors functioning together.

Integrierte Schaltkreise

These are electronic parts fabricated as single units where small active and passive devices with interconnections sit on thin semiconductor substrate materials.


These components store energy as magnetic fields which generate as electricity flows through them.


This component transports electric energy from one circuit to another by either lowering or increasing voltage.

Relays And Switches

These power buttons control electric current flow when closed or opened.


These parts detect environmental changes then generate electric signals corresponding to these changes.


The diodes will permit the flow of electric current in one direction.

Also, when an electric current passes through the diodes, they produce visible light.


This component resists the flow of electric current by eliminating electric power as heat.


These components temporarily store electric charge then release it when other parts require it.


These parts are part of the building blocks of LED strip PCBs since they act as electronic switches and amplifiers.


This part provides clock functionality in many circuits requiring accurate timing.

Fig 8- Transistors Are Some Of The Components You Will Find In A LED Strip PCB

Transistors Are Some Of the Components That You Will Find In A LED Strip PCB

What Processes Will You Use When Testing The Assembly Quality Of An LED Strip PCB?

Some of the processes include the following:

Visuelle Prüfung

This method entails using qualified personnel to visually inspect the circuit board.

Besides, it is cheap and easy to conduct than other types of testing methods.

The experts will check the physical nature of the LED strip PCB for scratches, joint flaws, poor mask application, soldering joints, etc.

Automatisierte optische Inspektion [AOI]

Experts can still miss some errors when conducting visual inspection hence an automated optical inspection solves this problem.

The AOI system uses an inbuilt blueprint to compare with the final design of the LED strip PCB and flag any errors.


Complex LED strip PCB designs may have several densely-populated parts.

An x-ray inspection will assist in checking solder joints within the dense areas as metallic parts absorb some x-ray elements.

This allows you to view the internal parts, connections, and solder joints on the LED strip PCB.


In this test, you will inspect the component positioning and how they fit on the LED strip PCB.

Besides, you can use an electrical probe test to inspect for resistance, capacitance, shorts, open ends, etc.

Also, you will perform in-circuit testing after conducting a thorough inspection of the design and assembly of the LED strip PCB.


This testing process will verify if the LED strip PCB can operate.

For example, you will confirm if it meets the design parameters.

Also, you can inspect it once you install it on the client’s end, and also confirm that it meets international quality standards.

What Is The Meaning Of CCT In LED Strip PCBs?

CCT stands for Correlated Color Temperature.

It indicates the available color temperature that LED strip PCBs can emit and the SI unit is degrees Kelvin.

For instance, a 2000 to 3000 K is a warm color while 6200 K is a cool color.

How Much Will You Pay For An LED Strip PCB?

The price of an LED strip PCB may start anywhere from 2 USD.

What Factors Will Influence LED Strip PCB Costs?

Fig 9- The Finishing Of LED Strip PCB Affects Its Cost

The Finishing Of LED Strip PCB Effects It’s Cost

Diese umfassen:

Anzahl der Schichten

If the LED strip PCB has several layers, you will spend more than those having a single layer.


The final finish you apply on the LED strip PCB to enhance its durability affects its cost.

For example, HASL is cheaper than ENIG surface finish.

Dicke der Leiterplatte

Fabricating thicker LED strip PCBs will cost you more since the materials and laminate will cost more.

Anzahl der Teile

When you plan to use many parts on an LED strip PCB, you are likely to spend more.


If you want special features on your LED strip PCB, you will have to pay more.

Art des Materials

The cost of PCB materials varies considerably and this will affect the price of the LED strip PCB.

For example, FR-4 is cheaper than polyimide material.

Size Of The Circuit Board

Smaller LED strip PCBs cost less than larger versions since you are using fewer materials.


SMD-Bestückung is cost-effective than thru-hole assembly.

Which Silkscreen Printing Methods Could You Use For LED Strip PCBs?

Diese umfassen:

Manueller Siebdruck

This method is possible for registration tolerances of 0.005”, or if the width of such lines surpass 0.007”.

Besides, you need stencils that have traces and text information to conduct this method.

However, manual screen printing is difficult to master yet simple.

Direkter Legendendruck [DLP]

Acrylic ink and inkjet projectors are used in this costly technique.

It entails using CAD programs and exposing the ink to UV light.

Liquid Photo Imaging [LPI]

This method is appropriate for screen printing lines with thicknesses of more than 4 mils.

First, you cover the laminate with epoxy then expose them to UV light before curing.

What Is CRI And Is It Important In LED Strip PCBs?

CRI refers to Color Rendering Index and indicates the color accuracy from the LEDs in an LED strip PCB.

When putting together an LED strip PCB, what IPC standards should you follow?

Examples of such IPC standards include the following:

  • IPC-A-630
  • IPC 7711/7721C
  • IPC-A-600
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620C

What Are The Different Types Of LED Strip PCBs?

There are several types of LED strip PCBs in the market, and they include the following:

  • Flexible LED strip PCB
  • Rigid-flex LED strip PCB
  • Rigid LED strip PCB
  • Single LED strip PCB
  • Multilayer LED strip PCB
  • Double-sided LED strip PCB

A Flexible LED Strip PCB

A Flexible LED Strip PCB

What Colors Does An LED Strip PCB Come In?

They come in colors such as green, red, yellow, blue, black, or white.

How Does SMT And Thru-Hole Compare In LED Strip PCB?

Electronic components are placed directly on the surface of the LED strip PCB using oberflächenmontierte Technologie [SMT].

Thru-Hole-Technologie entails mounting electronic parts on the LED strip PCB by using lead parts drilled into the circuit board.

Should An LED Strip PCB Comply With Quality Standards?

It is paramount for an LED strip PCB to comply with a set of quality standards such as:

  • CE
  • RoHS
  • UL
  • GMP
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • IATF16949

What Are Some Thermal Properties Of An LED Strip PCB?

Diese Eigenschaften umfassen:


At this temperature, the LED strip PCB substrate permanently decomposes.


At this temperature, the LED strip PCB substrate reversible changes from hard to soft.


Thermal conductivity is the speed at which heat is transferred via LED strip PCB material.

Der Wärmeausdehnungskoeffizient

The rate at which the LED strip PCB expands in presence of heat is known as CTE.

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