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Is KB-6160A a Conventional FR-4 and Normal Tg Material?

Yes, it is. KB-6160A is a great laminate for standard double sided PCB Herstellung.
It conforms to IPC 4101/21 slash sheet and has excellent UVB light protection transmitted during imaging.

The mechanical and thermal properties of KB-6160A determine that it can be used for manufacturing quality starre Leiterplatten.


KB-6160 Laminates Purchasing Information

When you need to purchase KB-6160 Laminate from us, it is better to let us know the thickness, size and copper cladding.

Kindly noted that other sheet size and thickness could be available upon request.
Venture Electronics can customize the KB-6160 Laminate as per your demands.

Why Choose Venture as Your KB-6160 Supplier?

Venture manufactures high quality KB-6160s with the latest manufacturing facilities, tools and equipment, all of our KB-6160s are UVB and AOI compatible to guarantee we can provide you with the highest quality KB-6160 materials!

Venture has always been committed to innovating in the manufacture of the KB-6160 and help you save your project budget with our competitive pricing, flexible payment terms and best quality.


KB-6160 description

Venture manufactures high-quality KB-6160 with UVB and AOI compatibility.  We processed KB-6160 through advanced techniques and processing. Because of that, our KB-6160 is useful for applications including:

  • OA equipment
  • Communication equipment instrumentation
  • Computer; und mehr

Your Leading KB-6160 Supplier in China

KB-6160 article 1

At Venture, we manufacture high-quality KB-6160. We designed KB-6160 UVB and AOI compatibility in order to increase its accuracy and productivity.

Venture KB-6160 is equipped with the following features:

  • UVB and AOI compatible
  • Excellent heat resistant
  • Überlegene mechanische Eigenschaften
  • IPC-4101B
  • Excellent peel strength
  • Hohe Tg; and more

The features mentioned above enable our KB-6160 to be used in the following applications:

  • Communication equipment instrumentation
  • OA equipment
  • einen Computer

KB-6160 article 2

Are you looking for a trusted manufacturer of premium-quality KB-6160? No need to worry! Venture has more than 10 years or experience in KB-6160 manufacturing. More customers from around the world have relied Venture as their supplier. You can also trust Venture!

Durch unsere wettbewerbsfähigen Preise, flexiblen Zahlungsbedingungen, besten Lieferoptionen und kein MOQ kann Venture Ihr Geschäft und Ihre Projekte immer erfolgreich auf den Markt bringen!

Venture is committed in making innovation and excellence in manufacturing KB-6160. Through our latest manufacturing facilities, tools, and equipment, guaranteed that we can supply you the best quality KB-6160!

Get an instant quote for your next KB-6160 orders!

KB-6160 Laminates: The Ultimate FAQGuide


This guide explores all the fundamental aspects about KB-6160 PCB laminate materials.

So, before you buy these Kingboard laminates, read this guide.

What is KB-6160 Laminates?

KB-6160 is a special type of Kingboard laminate that you will use in the bonding of printed circuit boards.

You will have to subject it under intense heat and pressure thus bonding different layers of printed circuit boards.



What are the Features of KB-6160 Laminates?

Identifying KB-6160 may pose a great challenge to you thus the need of checking out the features.

In other words, you must know the features that distinguish Kb-6160 laminates from other types of laminates.

Here are the features of KB-6160 laminates that you ought to pay close attention to.

Compatible to Ultra-Violet Radiation

You can use KB-6160 laminates freely under the sun since it is compatible to the UVB rays that reach the earth surface.

It also increases the durability as well as service life of the laminate or PCB as it protects it from UV rays’ damages.

Automatische optische Inspektion (AOI)

You will also note that it is compatible to automatic optical inspection (AOI) thus increasing accuracy and productivity.

Implying that, you can apply the automatic optic inspection stress free in the manufacturing and testing of KB-6160 laminates.

Große Hitzebeständigkeit

KB-6160 also has great heat resistance which allows you to use them in applications working under high temperatures.

In other words, it will continue working through different heat temperatures and exhibit excellent performance throughout.

IPC Quality Compliant

It is also fully compliant to the IPC quality standards with IPC-4101 B specifications being the most applicable.

What are the Applications of the KB-6160 Laminates?

With the above features, you can specialize the KB-6160 laminates and apply them on particular applications.

Here are some of the applications where you can use printed circuit boards with KB-6160 laminates.


As technology advances, you can note that computers are also becoming better and performing more efficiently.

New technologies such as KB-6160 laminates make better-performing PCBs thus improving the computer equipment.


Communication equipment such as cell phones and even ear pieces are becoming smaller with even better signals.

You should note that the increase in performance on communication equipment is as a result of KB-6160 laminates among others.

OA Equipment

You will also find KB-6160 laminates on office automation equipment that you will use to digitally compute office information.

It helps in the automation as well as optimization of different existing office procedures on office automation equipment.

Which Properties Do You Consider Before Purchasing KB-6160 Laminates?

Among the numerous types of PCB laminates, you may have difficulty choosing the right one for your PCB applications.

To make your choice simpler and your work easier, there are particular properties you can look at.

Here are some of the properties that you can look at when choosing the KB-6160 laminates.


You will look at the ration of permeability of free space to the ratio of permeability od the KB-6160 laminate materials.

Using a simple capacitor model, you can tell the right dielectric constants that you want for your KB-6160 laminates.


You should also look at how much energy the KB-6160 laminates lose over a certain set period of time.

With that information, you can calculate the reliability as well as durability of the KB-6160 laminates on different applications.


You must also look at the ability of KB-6160 laminates to conduct heat and also to dissipate heat from the PCB.

In other words, you will look at how KB-6160 laminates perform under different temperature or heat conditions.


Here, you will look at the temperatures where the KB-6160 laminates change from one crystal state to another crystal state.

In other words, you must know the temperature which the KB-6160 laminates begin to lose its original state.

Wärmeausdehnungskoeffizient (CTE)

In this case, you will look at the extent to which KB-6160 laminates or materials will expand upon application of heat.

This information will come in handy especially when looking at the temperature limits for different laminate applications.

Elektrische Leistung

You should also look at how good the KB-6160 laminates are at conducting electric current to different points.

It will dictate the mode of performance of the PCB upon the application of electric current in reference to the limits.


You should also have a look at the ability of the KB-6160 laminates to perform under different environmental conditions.

Most of the KB-6160 laminates have the ability to perform under different environmental conditions.

Which Features Under KB-6160 Do You Test?

AS soon as you get the type of KB-6160 laminate that you need, you should consider testing it.

In other words, you have to know if it is working according to the right working specifications.

Here are the main features or items that you will test on the KB-6160 laminates.


You will test the peel strength in regards to how strong or how resistant the KB-6160 laminates are to peeling.

The main unit for testing KB-6160 laminates is newton per millimeter (N/mm) under 2.4.8 IPC test methods.


You can also refer to it as bend strength since it is the maximum point KB-6160 laminates cab reach before rapture.

During the testing procedure, you will use newton per square millimeter to test under the 2.4.4 IPC test methods.

Thermische Eigenschaften

Here, you will test how KB-6160 laminates behave under different temperature or thermal condition.

The main features that you will test include thermal strength, and glass transition temperatures in seconds and degrees centigrade respectively.


You should also consider looking at the flammability of KB-6160 laminates and the ease with which it catches fire.

In this case, you will perform the tests under UL 94 IPC test methods and UL94 testing conditions.

Surface and Volume Resistance

It is also important to consider the maximum current that the KB-6160 laminates can attain without leaking through the surfaces.

The test methods that you will use in testing both surface and volume resistance are more or less similar.


You must also test the ratio of permeability of the materials of KB-6160 to permeability of the material to free space.

The test you will perform will be much simpler by deriving it from simplified capacitor models under IPC test methods.


You should also consider testing the resistance of KB-6160 to the absorption of water under IPC test methods.

With these results you will be in a better position to understand the behavior of KB-6160 under different moisture conditions.


You should also measure the time it will take for the KB-6160 insulating surface to become conductive under particular conditions.

Here, the main unit for the results will be in seconds with 2.5.1 IPC-TM-650 test methods with D-48/50+D-0.5/23 test conditions.

Are KB-6160 Laminates Weather Resistant?



Absolut ja.

KB-6160 laminates are all weather resistant and allows you to work under different weather conditions.

You can use the KB-6160 laminates in applications that work under the scorching since it is UV resistant.

Apart from that, the nature of water resistance on KB-6160 laminates also allows you to play under wet conditions.

In other words, you do not need to worry about the weather when using the KB-6160 laminates because of its strength.

What is the Peel Strength of KB-6160 Laminates?

Peel strength is the force that you will require to pull the KB-6160 laminates of the printed circuit board substrates.

It is also the permittivity measure of KB-6160 laminates ability in storage of electric energy under exposure of electric fields.

You have to know the peel strength of KB-6160 laminates to understand how good it will stick on the PCB substrates.

What Does Flexural Strength of KB-6160 Laminates Mean?

Well, you must also know the maximum point of flexure when it comes to bending of KB-6160 laminates.

In this case, you will look at the force that you can apply on KB-6160 laminates to bend it to a point of breaking.

This information will help you understand how far you can bend the printed circuit board without causing damages.

It is an important factor that you should consider when dealing with flexible and rigid-flex types of laminates.

Do You Have Size Limitations for KB-6160 Laminates?



No, we do not have size limitations when it comes to KB-6160 laminates.

Implying that, you have the freedom of choosing any size of KB-6160 laminates.

Apart from that, we also understand that printed circuit boards (PCBs) are of different sizes thus the need for different sizes.

What are the Quality Certifications for KB-6160 Laminates?

You must also be very careful when choosing KB-6160 laminates and ensure that they are of very high quality.

To make your work easier, you will look at the quality certificates of the KB-6160 laminates just to be sure.

Here are the main quality certifications that you should consider when choosing KB-6160 laminates.

  • UL-Qualitätszertifikate
  • CQC-Qualitätszertifikate
  • VDE-Qualitätszertifikate
  • RoHS-Qualitätszertifikate
  • International Standards Organization (ISO) Quality Certificates
  • JET-Qualitätszertifikate
  • REACH-Qualitätszertifikate

You have to understand that the quality certificates apply internationally and may also apply regionally.

In other words, you should also adhere to the regional quality certifications to avoid unnecessary consequences.

How Does KB-6160 Laminates Compare to KB-6160A?

Under the Kingboard laminates umbrella, there are numerous types of Kingboard that you can choose from.

On that note, there are two specific types of Kingboard laminates which are KB-6160 and KB-6160A laminates.

You can either use KB-6160 or KB-6160A laminates on the printed circuit boards depending on the performance you need.

Apart from that, you will also realize that both types of laminates have more or less similar characteristics.

For instance, you will use the same types of materials to manufacture KB-6160 and KB-6160A laminates.

Both of them have similar mechanical properties heat resistance and thermal stability.

In other words, most of the characteristics are similar except for a few that may vary such as size and thickness.

Apart from that, you may also note a change in performance among the two types of Kingboard laminates.

Which Materials Do You Use in the Manufacturing Process of KB-6160 Laminates?

The selection of the right materials is a very important aspect you have to consider in the manufacturing of KB-6160 laminates.

There are four main types of materials tat you can choose from when looking for a good KB-6160 laminate.

Here are the main materials that you should look at when looking for a KB-6160 laminate material.

FR4 Laminate Materials

In most cases, you will get FR-4 as the main material for the manufacturing process of KB-6160 laminates.

It is common because of the good weight to strength ratio with great mechanical, electrical, thermal, and physical properties.

You can also rely on it under different environmental conditions due to high resistance to weather and flames.

High Tg Epoxy Laminate Materials

You will use high Tgepoxy laminates especially when you are dealing with multiple layers of printed circuit boards.

It has very high chemical resistance as well as superior performance under very high temperatures.

In addition to that, you can use it in high humid applications due to the excellent electrical insulation properties.

Apart from that, it is flame retardant, highly economical and versatile thus boosting the overall performance.

BT Epoxy Laminate Materials

You should also consider using BT Epoxy laminate materials due to the excellent thermal, electrical, mechanical, and physical properties.

It is also suitable lamination material that you can use in multiple layer printed circuit boards that are lead free.

Apart from that, it has great electro-migration, high thermal resistance as well as good insulation properties.

Yu can use it in high temperature applications without worrying about the bonds between the substrates.

Polyimide Laminate Materials

In case you choose to use polyimide materials, you can rely on its superior circuit strength and adhesion properties.

Apart from that, it has very high environmental stability and works well with flexibel und Starrflex-Leiterplatten of high density.

In addition to that, you will enjoy its excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties thus making special for special environments.

How Do You Laminate Printed Circuit Boards Using KB-6160 Laminates?

Lamination of printed circuit boards using KB-6160 laminates is a very simple and easy procedure.

You can perform the lamination process easily just by going through the following steps.

Step One: Preparations of the Materials

You must have the right information about the type of printed circuit board that you have to laminate.

In this case, we will be laminating the multiple layer printed circuit boards using the KB-6160 laminates.

You must have the KB-6160 laminates at hand as well as the multiple layers of printed circuit boards.

In addition to that, you should have the lamination machine at hand to help in applying right temperatures and pressure.

Step Two: Arranging the Components or Materials

You will proceed with the arrangement of the main materials that you need to laminate.

Depending on the number of layers, you will have the KB-6160 laminates ate the bottom and top of every substrate.

You have to make sure that the arrangement is in the right positions to avoid having issues during the lamination process.

Schritt drei: Laminierungsprozess

As soon s the materials are ready, you will place them inside the laminations machine and the set the machine.

You must make sure that the temperatures and pressure for lamination processes are very high to complete the process successfully.

You will set the lamination temperatures at 375 degrees Fahrenheit and pressure between 275 and 400 psi.

After that, you will let the machine laminate for a certain period before allowing it to cure under high temperatures.

Finally, you will allow it to cool down slowly as you release the pressure from the lamination machine.

What are the Electrical Properties of KB-6160 Laminates?

Electrical properties dictate the behavior of KB-6160 laminates especially when you apply the electric current.

You will have to study or know the kind of electric properties when determining the type of Kingboard laminate you need.

Here are the main electrical properties that you should have a look at.

  • Dielektrische Konstanten
  • Volumenwiderstand
  • Oberflächenwiderstand
  • Elektrische Leitfähigkeit
  • Coefficient of Temperature Resistance
  • Thermoelectric properties

What ate the Mechanical Properties of KB-6160 Laminates?

You should also look at the attributes of KB-6160 laminates upon the application of force.

In this case, the mechanical properties that you will look at in KB-6160 laminates are:

  • Biegefestigkeit
  • Peel-Stärke
  • Bow or Twist

What are the Chemical Properties of KB-6160 Laminates?

In this case, you will look at the behavior of KB-6160 laminates upon the application of chemical substances.

Here are the main chemical properties that you will look at under KB-6160 laminates.

  • Toxicity Levels
  • Flammability Levels
  • Chemische Stabilität
  • Oxidationszustand
  • Enthalpy of Formation
  • Heat of Combustion Properties

What are the Main Thermal Properties of KB-6160 Laminates?

In addition to the above properties, you should also consider how KB-6160 behaves under the influence of heat.

These are the properties that you will look at in relation to the conductivity of heat.

Here are some of the thermal properties that you will pay close attention to.

  • Wärmebelastung
  • Entzündbarkeit
  • Thermal Insulation Properties

How Long Does It Take to Manufacture KB-6160 Laminates?

You will wait for a few days to receive your KB-6160 laminates.

In other words, it takes a few days to manufacture and deliver KB-6160 laminates according to your location.

How Much Do KB-6160 Laminates Cost?

Well, you will spend between 0.40 to 10 dollars to purchase the KB-6160 laminates.

The price varies as a result of different factors including size, quality and quantity.

In other words, the higher the quality and quantity dimensions, the higher the price to pay.

At Venture Electronics, we can help you find high-performance KB-6160 PCB material.

Contact us now for all your KB-6160 PCB needs.

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