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Welche Arten von HDMI-Leiterplatten werden in elektronischen Geräten verwendet?

It is a very general component of modern electronic devices. It’s improtant reliability in transferring
high-quality signals takes it compatible with versatile gadgets.
A different types of HDMI circuit boards are seen in basic and advanced electronics. Its most notable types as belows:
1.HDMI 19 pin doppelseitige Leiterplatte & HDMI A Type PCB
2.HDMI A Female PCB&Micro HDMI D Male PCB
3.Micro HDMI 1.4 C Female PCB&Mini HDMI PCB
4.HDMI Video Splitter PCB

Types Of HDMI PCBs
Specifications Of HDMI PCB Cables

Was sind die Spezifikationen von HDMI-PCB-Kabeln?

HDMI PCB cables are definite have kinds of cables that support HDMI resolutions. These types of PCB cables transmit high-speed digital content by using a cable wire and connector.

HDMI cables make sure top-class data transmission from source to display without compromising resolution and sound.

They are supremely reliable because their outstanding specifications,that is mainly reason of the speed rate and resolution power.

Wie steuert die HDMI-Platine die Bildwiederholfrequenz?

The refresh rate point out the highest frame per second that a monitor can display. HDMI PCB controls well the refresh rate in transmitting signals to the display devices.

In general, HDMI cables have sufficient bandwidth to take all the pixels to the display devices.

It helps to match the refresh rate. It means, HDMI PCB indirectly increased the refresh rate of display devices.

HDMI PCB Control The Refresh Rate


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 HDMI PCB: The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects of HDMI PCB – from design, specification, features to type of material.

This guide will answer all your questions on HDMI PCB.

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HDMI stands for High-definition Multimedia Interface.

They were introduced to replace three audio and video connectors in digital electronic devices.

They provide an interface with HD signals for both audio and video.

In PCBs, they are used to send highly rated signals from one port of a device to another.

In electronic devices, HDMI PCBs are used in their construction to better the functionality of the devices.

HDMI PCBs are most used in both commercial and domestic sectors to improve the connectivity of one device to another.

HDMI PCBs help to transmit, enhanced, high quality and standard video signals by offering up to 6 channels for digital data transfer.



How Does HDMI PCB Compare To USB PCB?

USB PCB is an HDMI alternative for HDMI-enabled with a USB-C connector that connects directly with HDMI standard PCBs.



This alternative model allows USB – C to carry three HDMI TMDS channels and the clock signal.



What Are The Components Of HDMI PCB?

Some of the main components are:

  • Consumer electronic control
  • Übergangsminimierte Differenzsignalisierung
  • Display data channel
  • Audio-Rückkanal
  • HDMI-Ethernet-Kanal
  • Anschluss
  • Kabel
  • Extender

How Does HDMI PCB Work?

HDMI work using a transition minimized differential signaling (TMDS) technology to transmit data from one device to another.

The TMDS protects information from degradation during transmission.

Data is encoded by reducing the number of transitions.

This controls the chances of degradation while maintaining the quality of the transmitted signal.

How Do You Fabricate HDMI PCB?

This is the process of transforming PCB design into a physical device.

The process must maintain all the specifications of the design in the design files.

Process the substrate material: This is done through the saturation process for fiberglass.

The fiberglass is then passed between rollers to give it the needed thickness and remove any excess material deposits.

Shape the processed substrate: A thin layer of fiberglass is passed in an oven to strengthen it.

The fiberglass is cut into the desired shape and size.

Arrangement of other sized panel layers: Layering the panels to one another with a copper foil.

The copper foil is adhesive.

The stacks are pressed at 1500 psi pressure and a 340 Fahrenheit temperature.

Drill holes on the stacked PCB: Das Anbringen von Löchern auf der Platte erfolgt mit einer numerisch gesteuerten Maschine an den in der Entwurfsphase festgelegten Positionen.

Die Löcher werden dann plattiert, indem die innere Oberfläche der Löcher mit Kupfer beschichtet wird, um sie leitend zu machen, und nichtleitende Löcher mit nichtleitendem Material.

Print the desired circuit pattern on the panel: Either the substrate method or the additive method is used.

Bei der additiven Methode beschichten Sie die Plattenoberfläche gemäß dem gewünschten Diagramm mit Kupfer und lassen die anderen Bereiche unbeschichtet.

The substrate method coats the whole PCB before removing the coating on unrequired areas leaving the designed circuit diagram.

Shield the circuit board using photoresist material: Photo resistive materials are pressed on the PCB.

This is done in a vacuum chamber using UV rays.

Spray alkyne: After removing the mask, spraying alkyne melts away distorted photoresistors and exposes the copper foil.

Oxidation prevention: The exposed layer on the panel is coated with copper foil of about 1 microinch.

Anschließend wird eine Zinn-Blei-Beschichtung aufgebracht, um eine Oxidation der Kupferschicht zu verhindern.

Board completion and preparation of mountings: Tin-lead, nickel, and gold are used to plate the contact fingers.

Um Schäden am Panel während der Installation zu vermeiden, wird es mit Epoxidharz versiegelt.

Wenn die Platten in die gewünschten Größen geschnitten sind, ist die Leiterplatte bereit für die Montage.

Montagekomponenten. Electronic components such as resistors are mounted on the panel to activate it.

The design of each PCB is different from the other and uses different electronic components.

Removal of remaining flux. Wasser und einige Chemikalien werden verwendet, um verbleibendes photoresistives Flussmittel zu entfernen.

Die Chemikalien werden in Abhängigkeit von der Art des verwendeten Lots ausgewählt.

Versand: done only with bubble wrap or foam packaging to prevent them from miscellaneous damages.

Inspection of errors: Die Fehlerprüfung ist für die Qualitätskontrolle wichtig.

Diese Inspektion hilft, solche Fehler zu identifizieren, damit sie angemessen behoben werden können.

How Do You Specify HDMI PCB?

Standard HDMI PCB: supports 4.95 GB/s and a resolution of between 700 p to 1080 p.

Ethernet Standard HDMI PCB: supports 4.95 GB/s, resolution quality of 1080 p, and has a dedicated Ethernet channel.

High-speed HDMI PCB: support 10GB/s data speed, the resolution quality of 1080 p, and 4k signals at 30 Hz.

Ethernet High-Speed HDMI PCB: supports 10GB/s, the resolution quality of 1080 p, 4k signals at 30 Hz, and a dedicated HDMI Ethernet channel.

Premium HDMI PCB: supports 18 GB/s with 4k at 60 HZ

Ultra-High-Speed HDMI PCB: supports 48 GB/s with 8k at 60Hz and 4k at 120 Hz.

What Are The Uses Of HDMI PCB?

Einige der Verwendungen umfassen:

  • Transmit HD singles from several devices.
  • Increase the total resolution of content with improved contrast and color.
  • Improve the communication between devices making it intuitive and under a single device control.
  • Reduce data loss in data transmission.
  • Improve the sharpness of video and text.

Where Can You Use HDMI PCB?

Medizinische Geräte

Consumer electronics such as communication devices, computer electronic, entertainments systems, and home appliances

Industrial applications such as industrial equipment, measuring equipment, power equipment

An automotive application like obstacle detection and safety in cars, light control and gauge systems, navigation devices, and audio and video devices

Aerospace applications such as aircraft and satellite controls

Which Materials Are HDMI PCB Made From?

Some of the most common materials include:

  • FR-4 Materialien
  • Flexibles Laminat
  • Teflonlaminat
  • Polyimid-Laminat
  • Cyanatester
  • Keramik
  • Gemischte Netzwerke

Do HDMI PCB Require Surface Finishing?

Surface finish in HDMI PCBs is done to protect the exposed copper foil circuit and provide a solderable surface are for assembly of PCB components.

Surface finishes contribute to the determination of quality, cost, ability to be manufactured, and the reliability of the PCB produced.

Different surface finishes can be used on HDMI PCBs;

Heißluft-Lötstanding involves a submersion of the PCB in a melted pot of a lead or tin alloy.

Sie entfernen dann das überschüssige Lot, indem Sie heiße Luft über die Oberfläche der Platine blasen.

Chemisch Nickel Immersion Gold – This is the most popular finish for PCBs.

Es besteht aus zwei Schichten metallischer Beschichtung.

Nickel wird zum Schutz von Kupfer verwendet, während Gold Nickel vor Abrieb schützt.

Organisches Lötbarkeits-Konservierungsmittel Sie können einen Anlaufschutz auftragen, der die Kupferoberfläche vor Rost schützt.

Immersionsdose – Zinn hat metallische Ablagerungen, die verhindern, dass das darunter liegende Kupfer rostet.

Zinn verbessert auch die Haltbarkeit von Leiterplatten.

Which Types Of HDMI PCBs Are There?

Some of the most common options you can consider include:

Type A (standard HDMI)


 Type A HDMI

Type B (Dual-Link HDMI) which rarely used in mainstream consumer products.


 Type B  HDMI

Type C (mini-HDMI)



Type D (Micro HDMI)



Type E (the automotive connection system developed mainly for in-vehicle use.)

How Do You Assemble HDMI PCBs?

HDMI PCBs are assembled through different methods.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) PCB Assembly:

Das SMT-Bestückung erfolgt in vier Hauptphasen.

Leiterplattenorganisation: Lötpaste wird auf die erforderlichen Teile der Leiterplatte aufgetragen.

Komponenten einfügen: Die Komponenten werden mit einer Pick-and-Place-Vorrichtung an ihren jeweiligen Positionen auf der Leiterplatte eingesetzt.

Rückfluss der Soldaten: Die Leiterplatte wird im SMD erwärmt.

This heating process happens in a reflow oven at specific temperatures needed for solder paste to form solder joints.

Inspektion: Dies erfolgt durch den SMT-Prozess unter Verwendung des Assemblers.

At times, you can also use Durchgangslochmontage depending on the type of component.

Was sind HDMI-Leiterplattensteckverbinder?

HDMI PCB connectors are critical input-output hardware used to transmit uncompressed audio and video.

They are the most common way of transmitting high-quality A/V signal between source and receiver at high speed and reliability.

HDMI connectors are classified basing on gender.

They can either be male or female connectors.

This generally depends on the side of the interface that they support to complete the connection.

Figure 8 HDMI connector

Are There Standard Sizes For HDMI PCB?

Type A- 13.9 mm x 4.45 mm male and 14 mm x 4.55 mm female with 19 pins.

Type B – 21.2 mm x 4.45 mm with 29 pins.

Type C – 10.42mm x 2.42 mm with 19 pins.

Type D – 6.8 mm to 2.8 mm.

How Do You Test Quality Of HDMI PCB?

Visuelle Inspektion:  basic instruments are used to contact this inspection.

Several checks are conducted here;

Roughness of the PCB surface, it’s thickness, and Board warpage are checked.

Appearance, assembly dimensions, and electrical connectors

Clearness of the conductive pattern, short circuits, and open circuits.

Oberflächenqualität: Coating quality such as flux plating, its position, and color requirement.

Electrical performance inspection: you will conduct two inspections are at this stage.

Connecting performance test- conductivity of the conductive patterns is tested using a multimeter.

Insulation performance test- insulation resistors are tested

General technological inspection:  this is the inspection of adhesive plates and the solders.

You inspect the wetting performance of solders and plating in relation to its the conductive pattern.

Metalized via inspection: this method covers the electric performance, the resistance of vias, and the capacity of pads.

The electric performance is tested with open and short circuit methods by checking the resistance between vias and leads.

You should ensure that the vias resistance changes range between are 5% to 10%.

The pads capacity must be in synch with the metalized vias.

Metalized via inspection involves both visual and mechanical inspection procedures.

Which Quality Standards Should HDMI PCB Conform To?

HDMI PCB must comply with the UL 94 standard rating for flammability of plastics in electronic devices.

Other standards include EMC, RoHS, CCC, and CE.

Are There Male And Female HDMI PCB?

HDMI connectors are gendered and can either be male or female.

This generally depends on the side of the interface that they support to complete the connection.

Most electronic devices are mounted with a female HDMI PCB.

Male HDMI PCBs are used to connect these devices to other output devices.

What Is A Micro HDMI PCB?

These are micro-sized cables used in electronic devices such as televisions and play stations.

It is a miniaturized version of a high-definition multimedia interface (Type D HDMI PCB).

It combines audio and video to a single interface small enough to be used in laptops, smartphones among other mini devices.

Micro HDMI PCB is also used to transmit HD viewing in phones, cameras, media players, and recording devices.

HDMI ethernet channels allow the consolidation of video, audio, and other streams to a single device.

What Are The Benefits Of HDMI PCB?

They transmit HD singles from various devices making them handy and easy to use.

They increase the total resolution of content with improved contrast and color.

They enable the communication between devices making the PCBs intuitive while allowing single device control of communication.

They decrease losses in data during transmission due to data authentication and encryption ability.

They improve the sharpness of video and text.

Low degradation of data signals since there is no compression of signals.

Reduced number of connections since only a single cable is used.

The security of the data transmitted is enhanced since it is authenticated and encrypted in HDMI PCBs.

How Much Does HDMI PCB Cost?

The cost of HDMI PCB will depend on quality.

Obviously, for low quality HDMI PCB made from substandard material will cost less.

However, sourcing for your OEM HDMI PCB from China is cost effective.

What Causes HDMI PCB To Overheat?

Overheating in circuit boards is caused by dirty environments that prevent air circulation and cooling.

Wrong circuit design, wrong placement of components, extreme environmental temperature, changes in the environmental temperature, and short circuits also result in overheating.

What Causes HDMI PCB Failure?

The short circuit of the circuit board; wird hauptsächlich durch unsachgemäßes Lötpaddesign verursacht.

Es kann auch durch eine ungeeignete Teilerichtung verursacht werden.

The PCB joint turning golden yellow; high temperatures cause the PCB solders to turn from silver-gray to golden yellow.

Dark and granular contacts on the board; verursacht durch Verunreinigungen und übermäßige Oxide im Zinn, die die Verbindungsstruktur spröde machen.

Loose and misaligned PCB components; Das Aufschmelzen des Lötmittels kann manchmal dazu führen, dass kleine Teile auf dem geschmolzenen Lötmittel schwimmen.

Dies kann dazu führen, dass sie sich aus dem Zielgelenk herausbewegen, was zu einem Kippen führt.

Das Kippen wird durch unzureichende Platinenunterstützung, Reflow-Ofen-Einstellung, Lötpastenprobleme und menschliche Fehler verursacht.

Open circuit board; verursacht durch die Spurbrüche.

Bei offenen Schaltkreisen sind die Komponenten nicht gut auf der Leiterplatte gelötet.

Welding problems; such as disturbed solder joints, cold welding, and solder bridge. 

Disturbed solder joints; treten auf, wenn die Lötstelle gestört wird, bevor das Lot erstarrt.

Cold welding; passiert, wenn das Lot nicht gut schmilzt, was zu rauen Oberflächen und unzuverlässigen Verbindungen führt.

Sie können auch durch übermäßiges Löten verursacht werden, das ein vollständiges Schmelzen verhindert.

A solder bridge; happens when the solder crosses and physically connects two leads.

They create undersigned connections and short circuits resulting in burning out of circuit components when the current is high.

Environmental Reasons Related To The PCB Structure.

When the environment is not favorable to the PCB design, the PCB will fail due to circuit damage.

Extreme Temperaturen und Wechsel, Feuchtigkeit und hochintensive Vibrationen reduzieren die Leistung der Leiterplatte oder werden sogar verschrottet.

Diese Veränderungen zerstören die Lötstellen, brechen Kupferbahnen und verändern die Form der Leiterplatte.

Übermäßige Feuchtigkeit in der Umgebung verursacht Oxidation, Korrosion und Rost auf der Leiterplatte.

Schmutzige Bereiche schränken den Luftstrom und die Kühlung von PCB-Komponenten ein, was zu Überhitzung und Verschlechterung der PCB-Leistung führt.

Menschlicher Fehler wie ein falscher Produktionsprozess, gefolgt von einer falschen Platzierung von Komponenten, und unprofessionelle Herstellungsspezifikationen führen zu Produktmängeln.

Is There Maximum Working Temperature For HDMI PCB?

The maximum working temperature for PCB is 150 degrees Celsius.

Some PCBs can work beyond that but the circuit board with less heat resistance will not operate effectively at such temperatures.

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