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Your Professional Coverlay PCB Partner in China


Venture is your reliable Coverlay PCB successful supplier in China. We produce a wide range of Coverlay PCB with different applicable functions. Venture Coverlay PCB is a type of PCB that has a solid sheet of polyamide.  Coverlay PCB is one of  the most preferred PCBs in different industries because of its high-quality material being used.

This Coverlay PCB of Venture operates dielectric voltages of about 3KV per 0.001”. Because of the solidity of its sheets and thickness it makes possible the minimum bend requirement and support impenetrable barriers. Venture Coverlay PCB is basically composed of pre attached layers, it might be epoxy or acrylic established bendable adhesive before it laminated.

Because of its composition materials it also is under heat and strength of the bend circuit area and finally creates a lasting bond. Venture always considers the quality and the durability of the materials being used in making Coverlay PCB. Just let us know your desired and needed type of Coverlay PCB.

Your Leading Coverlay PCB Supplier in China

Venture is the most popular manufacturer and fabricator of high-standard Coverlay PCB in China. We are highly recommending our Coverlay PCB for it has greater benefits and purposes in every applicable component. Coverlay PCB is more sturdy and at  the same time more flexible compared to others. Creating Coverlay PCB has its specific requirements combined to laminate it to the flex.


It also controls the lesser size of openings and the lesser web that can be maintained at the middle of adjacent openings. Coverlay PCB by Venture are available in the range of its thicknesses even if its polyimide layer or a pre attached adhesive layer. We manage these types of materials for Coverlay PCB to secure the amount of adhesive to encase the fundamental circuit and fulfill the exact lamination.


At Venture, as your partner supplier of Coverlay PCB, your business is secured and surely successful. We give and introduce to you the most in demand and valuable type of Coverlay PCB. We created these high-quality Coverlay PCB with upgraded design complexity, stable bend necessity that can reach project design essentials.

Venture formed skillful teams that may help you in every stage of processing the ordered Coverlay PCB. We make it possible to shorten the time ordered till delivery. Coverlay PCB of  Venture sells various types of Coverlay PCB at an economical cost. For that reason, you will be a stress-free associate with Venture at your business.


Thus, if you are looking for a Coverlay PCB that suits your applicable component or devices, better contact Venture. We are experienced enough when it comes to supplying the best quality Coverlay PCB. Keep communicating Venture without doubts, for we are expert and professional in serving and manufacturing high-class PCBs especially Coverlay PCB.

Check Venture for more information about upgraded Coverlay PCB!

Coverlay PCB: Der ultimative FAQ-Leitfaden

Coverlay PCB The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know probably, you would like to learn more about Coverlay PCB.

A reason this guide covers everything you need to know about Coverlay PCB.

Wenn Sie also mehr erfahren möchten, lesen Sie diesen Leitfaden.

What Is Coverlay PCB?

Coverlay plays a role of solder resist in flexible Leiterplatten.

Unlike the normal Lötmaske which have a limited degree of bendability, Coverlay offer greater bendability.

Frequently patch label have only restrained elasticity.

So for adjustable circuit that need higher elasticity Coverlay is fixated on to safeguard copper architecture



The inconvenience is that these strip must casually be sliced or punctured.

Besides, they can’t be established similar to photophobic patch defy.

Subsequently only the bigger designs in a right-angled pattern are attainable as well as tiny gap indemnity that are always punctured.

Coverlay comprises of rigid layer of polythene sheet of adjustable bond that is actually coated beneath torridness and tension to route extension.

The needed parts characteristics cavities are then automatically invented or designed by utilizing the boring, the inversion, and the glisten slicing techniques.

Coverlay expanses’ is 0.001 polythene with 0.001 of bond, expansiveness o 0.05 and 0.002 are accessible but utilize s required

How Does Coverlay PCB Work?

Coverlay PCB works by actually sheathing and safeguarding the exterior silicon chip of an adjustable motherboard the required component of adjustability.

In Which Applications Are Coverlay PCB Required?

Digit region overhead polyethylene cornerstone ZIF (zero insertion force), part region overhead to make rigid FR4 cornerstone, sterling tushche or a blot armor levels.

Tension intuitive bond (PSA) similar to the 3m and the Tessa, and also in radio waves or wireless network armor strips.

Which Materials Are Used In Making Coverlay PCB?

Coverfilm/bond is actually utilized in the adjustable and the hard-elastic board engineering to join elastic levels together in aboard.

Coverlay material is actually a polythene mean while adjustable one may either be superglue or poly methyl methacrylate reckoning adjustable bond.

This materials actually covers and safeguards the parts in an adjustable board portrayal of an identical function to the solider resist.

What Is A Flexible Coverlay PCB?

An adjustable cover-Lay printed circuit board does precise similar task to the solider resist that is utilized on hard published motherboard.

flexible coverlay PCB

Flexible Coverlay-Leiterplatte

The divergence with an adjustable cover-lay is the requirement component of elasticity and persistence it gives to the adjustable PCB engineering.

Coverlay include hard layer of polythene with mantle of adjustable bond that follows by layering beneath torridity and constrained pathway exterior.

The most needed parts characteristics on the entrances are automatically invented using boring, dispatching or boring slicing.

Is Coverlay PCB The Same As Flexible Coverlay PCB? Compare

Similarity of cover-sheet PCB and adjustable cove-lay PCB is that the both have covered polythene for safeguarding parts of the motherboard.



The distinctness based built on pattern, one is a printed circuit board that has protective coating while other is adjustable PCB.

Flexible Coverlay-Leiterplatte

Flexible Coverlay-Leiterplatte

What Is Coverlay PCB And Solder Mask Compare?

Solder resist-

A solder resist is a slender skin of a safeguarding covering above the PCB sheet averts tarnish and a circuit short.

Solder resist is covered on each upper base side of the PCB, maple Sap is a vital constituent in solder resist.

coverlay PCB and solder mask

Coverlay PCB and solder mask

Motherboard with distinct kinds solder resins disregarding of the kind they all pass through method of heat restoring after design elucidate.

The solder resist has distinct kinds of solder resins including adhesive mask, fluid photo-visual solder resin parched film light -visuals solder resins.

The method of fabrication involves the cleansing board, touch layering exudates mask, hardening in advance, UV exposure and solidifying and cleansing.

Cover-Film PCB-

A cover-film motherboard is actually a solid sheet of a polythene covered on a motherboard and sometimes on an adjustable motherboard.

cover film PCB

Cover film PCB

Comparison between the cover-lay PCB mask and solder mask are through matter and preparation, adjustability extended dependency and power-driven non-conductor characteristics.

Blueprint Contemplation-

Cover-film as  hard layer of matter, needs all SMT and PTH entrances to be automatically engineered utilizing either boring slicing/puncturing, scattering.

Amalgamation with required coating, cover-lay to adjust hinders slightest dimensions of entrances and mesh matter to be kept among abutting entrances.

Unreasonably tiny cover-lay mesh are effortlessly harmed through fabrication and the restricted quantity of bond may not accept for genuine coating.

A cover-film will need many entrances to be group joint into single enormous entrances while adjustable solder resister will obviously not.

The inconvenience of solder resistor is that it is incongruous for possessing hardenings or EME/RF protectors levels heated coated to it.

Partnership power is concede when solder resistor is compulsory in region utilized to join hardener regions with protection level cover-film utilized.

Density And Tinge Alternative-

A cover-film is actually accessible in a very distinctness of densities for each polythene level and the pre-connect bond of level.

Customary scale for polythene is 1/2ml – 2ml with 1ml existing highest habitually utilized, bond dimension needed is decided by copper extent coated.

Solder resisters predominantly 3/4ml-1ml in expanse but be slender straight through microcircuit consistent to hard PCB as fluid proceed to holes.

Coverfilm is accessible in triplets tinge, ingenious, milky, charcoal, solder resistors is accessible in larger scale of tinge, grass, lemon, charcoal.

Faddish solicitation

Cover-film is pragmatic to regions exposed to crumple with big angle parts, solder resistor is utilized in raised compactness parts regions.

What Are The Advantages Of Coverlay PCB?

The existing adjustability they have can be completed and adjusted, enabling bigger liberation in the plan and process of the solicitation.

The adjustable circuits can also be embrace to tiny or uneven formed space, a characteristics not affirmed by average hard circuits.

Occupy few space lowering heaviness on solicitations main-board maximum use of spaces enables improved heat co-ordination lowering quantity of thermal scattering.

Demonstrates more unfailing and an extended enduring, particularly in solicitation where the coarse are exposed to constant quiver and structural hassle.

Adjustability cover-lay gives resilience, lowered heaviness lowered notation linkage allows manipulate exterior impetus amplify their competence to refuse jolt and quiver.

Communication honesty adjustable cover-lay PCB labors in different contexture and communication always flow simply careless of exterior surrounding verifying communication fidelity.

The higher thickness in a cover-lay PCB has slender levels and tiny parts that explicates adjustable PCBs can advocate taller circuit thickness.

Has Reduced prices when considering the adjustable PCBs Fabrication which include less accumulation stride as they gravitate to be comparatively cheap.

It reduces mistakes because adjustable PCB lowers wiring mistakes because of eradication of automatic adapters and tiny choice in accumulation processes.

Batten expanseSubstratMetal  expanseFoundationLeast row diametersCover-filmPrint tingeExterior finalLevel census
0.07-0.40mm0.5ml-2ml polythene0.5oz-2oz0.10-0.30mm3 Millionen


Milky charcoal, lemon,Milky,


Gleam, aurum1-8




What Are The Design Consideration For Coverlay PCB?

Inventors have to compensate concentration to unmistakable consideration like slightest indenture dimensions, slightest dash broadness, slightest space among dash and bunk.

Consider slightest extents to blueprint margin, adjustable circuit batten contour concession and the range of copper symmetry from adjustable circuit contours.

Another thing to consider about the engineering for cover-film PCB is the copper and the unmitigated or the compete invention density.

Adjustable area of invention be regarded when engineering adjustable boards comprise of each site for direction commonly bending happens often on.

A potent bending arrangement have to actually be more powerful because the bending will happen on a usual or normal rhythmically.

Another thing is inspect model circuits of identical levels census to resolve if the primped engineering will deliver the essential adjustability.

Examine the automotive needs to confirm that the adjustability circumference or diameter is among competent appraisal for circuit density and levels.

Contemplate utilizing astute adhesiveness or personal or singular levels that are cosmic and permit consent to adjustability bending without restrain.

The master extent and the expanse, space and the dash and basic matter indenture dimension and regard to correlation or scale.

Always check along or on the way to kinds, hand to consider this in cover-lay PCB shaft-to-margin concession and markings-to-markings concessions.

Always check the curve semi-diameter elicited from affixed to your patterns level notation, patch kind, bond kind, hardener basic matter preference.

Check also the exterior complete coating, power-driven features that includes the insulator and safeguard, assessment increased convection bromides, binder, lively parts.

What Are The PCB Manufacturing Changes As A Result Of Coverlay PCB?

Has actually brought the essential adjustability and functionality, enabling one to add the accessible amplitude or allowing union among abandoned parts.

Has brought about need for approach of cover-film for cater of cushioning or covering the wires and safeguard the adjustable boards.

Because of changeability in orthogonal structure and expanse cover-film implementation executed freehand needing difficulty perversion and consequent long period and accuracy.

The major improvements of adjustable PCB gained prospect of 3D filamentation allowing taking advantage of accessible proportions and complicated essentials.

The manufacturing method proves to be distinct in the two adjustable PCB fabrication that needs distinct methods compared to normal PCB.

The diminished circumstance of inventing a corporal union among doublet components on circuit, thus adding its dependability compared to normal PCB.

PCBs with adjustable sheets are reduced value to create by reason of they are fabricated in less portion than common PCB.

Have few union spots so as not to effortlessly safeguarded during delivery or transportation unlike the common PCBs which need attention.

An adjustable levels is PCB sheet with single adjustable circuit allowing it adjustable and awarding it elements of layer of parchment.

How is Thermal Management For Cover-lay PCB?

A raised execution of the coating, the cover-film and the accord enlace fixative which often involves a raised subatomic tonnage gunk.

The acetic Finished Flame-retardant polythene exudates an adhesive and a raised microscopic tonnage polythene part which can actually be torridity reflected.

They can actually be rectified with silicon hydrate and aziridine which rectifies to create an exceedingly raised degrees immune or unaffected.

It gives these features too apart from unaffected to high warmth, adjustable and raised warranty power paste is divulge or revealed.

The paste is utilized to upgrade features of nylon and PET Strips for utilize in adjustable and hard batten microcircuit solicitation.

Additionally existing an outstanding paste for strips like polythene similar solicitation thus conceding films utilization heat able to resist raised heat.

Henceforth with the existing beneficial as the coating paste, the procedure is actually dependable at a moderate degrees or a calefaction.

And therefore can be stashed as gratuitous strip accord implicate sealer on strip for prospective permutation into cover-film of printed circuit.

Is Coverlay PCB Board Optimized?

In the present-time computerized or auto-electronic, adjustable and hard-bend PCB are highly utilized because of their importance in adaptability and accomplishment.

Hard-bending PCBs include of hard batten parts with adjustable unions and are often utilized in an expanse kind of metropolitan solicitation.

What Are The Frequency Filters Applied In Cover-Lay PCB?

Broadcasting frequencies sieve and microwave sieve illustrates course of auto-electric sieve, engineered to conduct on beckoning in the MHZ-GHZ prevalence scale.

Prevalence scale utilized by many airing radio, televisions, transmission intelligence and RF, microwave gadget involves variety of sieving on wave acquired.

The responsibilities of the sieves are frequency spectrum sieve that choose exclusive wanted cluster of wave very important function of sieve.

The frequency spectrum hold the sieve that eradicate unwanted cluster of waves passing by these are the function of the sieves.

Un-elevated-progress sieve that accepts only waves underneath chopped off wave to progress and raised-progress sieve that accepts wave overhead wave progress.

What Are The Reasons For Using Coverlay PCB?

Because it is actually utilized to sheathe and to safeguard the exterior of the microprocessor chip of an adjustable circuit batten.

Adjustability is most Important convenience cover-film PCB adjustable PCB can actually conveniently filament in two expanse space by doubling and adjusting.

The tiny dimensions base of variety of pattern head division of adjustable encapsulated circuit is slender and even that of cord.

The airiness and adjustability of conductor midpoint create generally architecture of the gadgets weapon with FPC are more hard and credible.

The matter of adjustable PC decides the underweight of the goods in the similar content unlike the cord conductor or cable.

It eradicates insertion of fault as long as the pattern engraved are correct, the goods fabricated are reliable no union mistakes.

Besides, it eradicates insertion of fault as long as the pattern engraved are correct, the goods fabricated are reliable no union mistakes.

It adds dependability it lowers interchanging linkage and adds the dependability of the complete procedure and gives advantage for error knowing.

Compliant power-driven boundary the adjustable engraved board can command the electrical features like condenser induction hold up and depletion by inventing diameters.

Lowering absolute price adjustable engraved board can elude utilization many hard battens and huge notion of cord conductor amalgamation exact time.

What Are The Components For Coverlay PCB?

Build on architecture of adjustable PCB, matter devoting adjustable PCB involve Cushioning paint matter, superglue, alloy director level and enclose sheet.

Basic matter for adjustable PCB needs adjustability covering strips that frolic position as a bearer with adjusting automatic and electrical execution.

Normal basic matter involve Nylon and polyethylene strips and the final is utilized in mostly other accessible matter include slender FR4.

Which Features Do Cover-lay PCB Have?

Added broad thickness, eradicate of physical unions, incomparable or engineer flexibility, abate density and dimensions, added functional degree scale, added conspicuous.

These are some of the features that Cover-lay PCBs have a decrease in cable work flaw, added hindrance authority and dependability.

How Do You Test For Quality For Cover-lay PCB?

With use of some tests like curling test for adjustable PCB fabricating it’s impanel to make sure all boards fabricated adjusts.

Naked batten examination, the examination is in seclusion and endurance of the foundation on a naked batten before securing parts.

It involves two different types of testing seclusion examination and the endurance examination.

Where by each of them test distinct features.

The seclusion examination includes the confirming of the needed intransigence or protection is current among dual unconnected electric affinity or linkage.

The endurance examination includes the confirming of no attainable site that are current and among dual attached electrical ambit or route.

The IPC-6013C actually stipulates the variety of a distinct examination procedures for the adjustable cover-lay PCB, involving heat, adjusting and blockade.

What Are The Different Types Of Cover-lay PCB?

One Margin Contort-

Contort board actually includes acquit sheet of alloy (copper) on single margin of the PCB, these PCB are perfect for potent solicitation.

They are very acquainted for their enormous low-expense and effortlessness in gathering one margin contort PCBs need single kind of finishing.

Duplicate Edge Contort-

An augmentation on lone surface contort PCB, duplicate edge contort includes cast sheet of alloy on all the surfaces of PCB.

Ordinarily the alloy (copper) levels are actually joint to one another by-way-of these punctures will invent an energetic microcircuit among the levels.

It’s the largest common bend pattern and familiarized for its serenity of fabrication its invented being underweight and contribute privilege readability.

Many-Sided Contort

It consist of expanded that dual alloy (copper) material in a habitual style, one will detect up to ten acquit levels.

Hard Bend Orbit Batten-

This board amalgamation of hard and bendable boards, adjustable levels are combined with hard sheets and PCB gathered utilizing via engineering.

Raised Thickness Interlink-

These are bend circuits batten which are engineered to contribute many practical remedy in location of engineering, diagram and a creation.

What Are The Properties Of Cover-lay Used In Manufacturing Of Cover-lay PCB?

Coverfilm matter emerge equipped with a pre-associated level of each superglue adjustable bond and is then coated beneath torridness and tension.

As a hard Layer of the polythene it actually has the exact insulator static that is actually opposing as polythene, bend root.

How Does Flexible Solder Mask Compare To PCB Coverlay?

The two matters compare in material as they share the same solid sheet that is the cover-film to help safeguard PCB.

flexible solider mask

flexible solder mask

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